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Fairy Drawing

My Guide Fairy Drawing

Codes of Light to Shed the light greetings my Dear one, I am fairy of the light by essence and my light is your reflection, my little beloved within you and the creation of you, I am one with you and all that it is we are here on your support as many beings of light blended into one pool of consciousness the vibrate in a 7 dimensional DNA strand and we are here to Shed the light. My Dear one the solution to all your questions is to shed the light all around you and the trick is going to be you find the beauty in the midst of confusion. you get to learn who you really are and you might become a major transformation that perhaps you never had before, reconcile with your self noticing what is important to you, and make priorities Shed the light when you see the chaos we announce a mayor healing coming on your way and you will be suffering healing for yourself and everyone else. Shed the light to uncover truths knowing everything is playing the Divine Plan acknowledging the trauma underneath any situation and unhooking faster those tricking situations to be corrected and rewire yourself higher. work on your boundaries and set a strong foundation for your emotional body for you to shed the light even when energy is raising on the planet and darkness may be fighting to stay longer. Shed the light when the tiredness rise and give your self a break if the world seems suffocating being aware of your needs to keep an abundant foundation of light and love Shed the light in between truths to seek clarity and revelations from your soul and notice painful truth are coming to be released and to rewrite history both collectively and in your personal life also considering truth comes to bring a change in your reality and to crush false illusions and discover emotional maturity and Divine Clarity to bring a strong foundation to shed the light. My dearest bathe yourself in the light we shed today many light blessingFairy Guardian Of the light

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