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Fairy Drawing

My drawing of the light ~ lilibeth

Sparkling light codes.

Blessings and greetings,

It is an honor to connect with you through this medium that was destined to be from the beginning of everything, so in a circle of light, we are here, bringing healing to your chakras and alignment.

Peaceful living with your higher self while reading the Light codes and the energy that emanates in this circle of love aligning you gently and smoothly.

Your fairy Sparkling really stepping his energy forward now to lift your flow and surrender through whatever challenges you are facing ...

Align with your Sparkling fairy and know there is so much support from glow in every moment to help guide you through, have faith and maintain a state of mental calmness, where your Higher Self and you are one.

When you are aligned in peacefulness, it will help unlock deep soul-radiance and untapped greatness through beingness, for you flow more peacefully navigate these intense recalibration times ...

All mylive🧚‍♂️

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