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Fairy Magic!

My Drawing of the Light

FAIRY ~ Magical Codes of Light

Greetings and Magical Wishes!

I AM your Fairy Godmother. I AM Sparkle. I AM a mix between a Guardian Angel and a Fairy who helps you to connect with your Essence, and to bring magic and healing to your life. Feel your Mother Earth soaring here on this planet, allowing you to feel yourself living in Peace in a more relaxed way.

The Archangel Raguel and I bring you Inner Balance. I invite you to focus on your BEing from within, and to bring Light to any darkness, any pain. Balance any anxiety to bring forth Inner Peace. All doubts will dissolve when your Heart vibrates in the Magic of the Rainbow. Bring laughter to your day. Flow with everything and with the land that belongs to everyone. Breathe and feel the Magic that the planet speaks. The trees smile, the mountains greet you, the sky blesses you and the sun rises for you.

The clouds form for you to see them make waves in the sky, to make you smile. Feel the land that you step on, and embrace it as it meets you. Make sure that we are with you in a way that we can come close to sustain you.

See how Heaven and Earth conspire to make the desires of your Heart come true. In each step you take today, visualize the Magic of the Rainbow that runs through the treasures to all the corners to where you travel at every moment of every day. We are blessed to BE here, So Be It. Welcome your Soul to this experience of Time Changes, where you are, where you exist beyond the beyond.

Welcome the moonlight that illumines your brilliant reflection. Welcome the change with your advanced announcement that it will BE powerful. In my experience, this is an Energetic Journey of Expansion, of Liberation. Find the Memory of the Divine Bliss in you.

The Light intensifies the entire existing reality of where you are, beyond space and time. The Expansion of the Heart is the basis of your Seeds of Love. Your Soul has begun to build Strength. Creativity is restored when the Spirit flows through your feet as the Sacred Ground carries you. Creativity leads us to the connection of the Soul with fun, and happy beginnings facilitate the FLOW at this time.

The Light Codes of the Heart connect all the doors, all the paths and freedom. The Codes of the Soul are restoring your body.

If you are sleepy, rest. Nurture, release and flow with integration, with ease and fluency. BE in nature. Pay attention to that spontaneous push. Really feel where you are, where life seems to place you right now. Cement the True Self that exists beyond the beyond.

Self-care is vital, as new ways of rewriting the physical Storyteller return each time to their joy, their fun. Continue to cement their Magic here, and back to their Soul. Paint your day with rainbows, not clouds.....

Dance with the Light of the Moon. Fall in Love with yourself and welcome the Soul. Play and inhabit the novelty in you...Music is a symphony of the Soul. In every tone of the Heart beats life...Relax and enjoy the experience of Riding Your Soul.

Magical Wishes and Shimmering Blessings to you.

~ Sparkle

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