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Galactic Art Alcyone High priestess Pleiades Drawing

This Soul is Pleiadian from Alcyone, and is a Priestess in a plane that looks like White Crystal. It is appreciated as extremely Pure and full of Magic. These Priests are women and men. They all channel the Knowledge of God through the Energy of Love, and through the happy Energies of the plane of the Fifth Dimension in Alcyone.

This Priestess explains to us that what we humans believe about God is humanized and sometimes a distorted archetype of the Creator. The word ‘God’ has a very strong attachment and connection to Humanity, and it is not always charged with Positive Energy.

He is in the Soul as the Knowledge of the Creator and Loving Power. This, in combination with the Heart Chakra, helps to reveal the Omnipresent and Omniscient Knowledge of the Creator. Through your Vortex of Light, your Soul connects with the Creator Of All. What you channel is the Divine Knowledge of your Soul.

Being aligned with the Light of the Creator In You is the equivalent of the Love of God, and aligns you with the Source. There is no separation between the Creator and you. Activate it within you as a Conscious Loving Creator. That helps you to bring Knowledge about the Purpose of your Soul, and the Path of Life.

The Priests in Alcyone are devoutly aware of worshipping God at all times to discover from his Angelic and Galactic Light the Voice of the Creator, that mixes with the Voice of Being.

As in Alcyone, when you are in communion with the Light, and you are aware of Who You Are and you are Present, you align yourself with the feeling of the Creator In You, and the ecstasy of the Celestial Light of the Creator. You will feel the Power and Clarity of knowing that You Are The Creator.

Know that You Are The God In Your Reality. Accept it. Through that feeling, co-create a New World ~ revoked not in the feeling that power is outside of you, but within.

This Wisdom was a Fragment of Divinity ~ not feeling fragmented and missing, but part of something that is greater than what you can understand from your Humanity.

Feel safe in the Light of the Creator In You ~ the Energy of God that tells you at every moment where the God In You is anchored, and where you separate yourself from that Alignment of Love, and in contrast expand yourself, looking for the Supreme Sensation of Love.

The greatest Gift you can give yourself is to Activate The Priestess In You ~ the one who worships God, the Creator of the Universe, and the Galaxy of which you are a part of as Human and Divinity. Learn to remember by unlearning illusion, and vibrating in how unique Love is.

It’s that simple. You can go back to sleep, but be aware that there is no other way than the Love of the Creator who dares you, and is a Light In Motion that transforms and transcends everything.

Let the Light that is activated through this Drawing remind you of the Creator of Divinity that you are. Walk with feet of the Creator Goddess, who appreciates and adores the Exploration and Expansion of the God Within.

Stand On That Knowing…

The Vortex of Creative Loving Light recalibrates you into your Ascended and Divinely Evolved Light.

Stand Where You Are Now and Shine.

Stand Where It Is, and Accept The Divinity In You, letting it lovingly guide you, Today and Always. And So Be It.

With Love,

Petha, from Alcyone, in Pleiades

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