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Galactic art - Alien race Alpha Centauri

Galactic art - Alien race Alpha Centauri The Guide comes from the Alpha Centauri of the Fifth Dimension. This race has been in contact with Earth since the beginning of Humanity, appearing as demigods to our ancestors and now to the starseed through meditation with the humans who belong to their oversoul. They are a collective and in ancient times they taught our ancestors rituals of magic where they worshiped and connected with the Elemental Beings of Earth. This Guide works with Earths' feminine energy, you can call her Kuna. She has been in connection with the ancient ancestors in the rituals to the moon where the wisdom of the Universe was channeled. In other timelines they contacted the ancient Mesopotamians and Phoenicians to teach them the art of the Stars and how they describe the destiny established by your Soul. They also visited the ancient Egyptians, where they taught them about symbology and connecting spells by opening portals of Light where beings from the Stars walked to Earth as gods. In the Language of Light they communicated through telepathy with Souls where they opened to contact through meditation, philosophy, the art of science and alchemy. It is her collective cradle, she is a teacher and her wisdom is her gift, you can ask this Guide the mysteries of the Universe and any questions, guidance or healing related to your ascension and spiritual awakening. She invites you to activate the stardust of your being, shining like a Star and activating the wisdom of your stereo and galactic Soul. She lets the Galaxy in you wake up... by ridding you of stardust, and reactivating your galactic DNA upon your awakening. Reconnect with your Blue Star radiating Divine Soul calling you from Heaven where your essence returns to the wisdom of the Universal Maor. With LOVE Ku a

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