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Galactic Art - Alien Race - Andromeda 5 Dimension

Galactic Art - Alien Race - Andromeda 5 Dimension

This soul is represented in this drawing by the frequency of andromeda where we are invited to connect with that loving and creative frequency of light.

This aspect today invites us to recalibrate ourselves to the lines of life that our expansion represents. This guide comes as a being of light that aligns with the source by changing form in their reality they are from the fifth dimension and work on earth with the elemental kingdoms of crystal and the spirit of light assisting our ascension to the sowing frequencies high when the cosmos conspires to open a portal for them to help raise the energy of the collective by working with the earth's line of magnetisms and channeling through star seeds in meditation and the astral world to assist the earth directly from their extended souls in human form and this is his message.

Greetings my beloved,

We are your team of guides and with honor to our beloved, we accelerate his energy from him to build a stopping point that illuminates the light of strength and courage now to help him advance to a higher level of his purpose from him...

You're changing fast.

Inhale and notice that we surround you with our wings of love. We stand before you, blessing your energy with divine qualities of strength, courage and truth... Please receive these codes of light from the image.

This allows you to begin to take action and pool your strengths, gifts, and new light.

To step into bright new beginnings in your life.

As the vibration and intention of the collective consciousness changes, so does the trajectory of humanity and the earth.

Timelines that melt into a higher light level. Densities that are released smoothly through the light codes

Feel the Movement...

You have now aligned yourself with a timeline where you accelerate your expansion and growth of your soul. Conscious realization and merging with your higher self and soul purpose by aligning with your light family in the physical.

This is the shift of the ages that comes to align you with the Divine Plan

With the energies of the cosmic portals, they merge with the portals of the heart and the crown. Infusing with high light and an immense opportunity to claim this now it's high balance.

Integrate the higher light through these codes and claim the expanded states of consciousness available to you now through this transmission.

There's a cosmic push now to help you make needed changes, and tap into the opportunity to consciously expand so you can see what's in front of you in a new way.

Open yourself to love....

Happy gateway of the heart dear one

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