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Galactic Art - Alien Race Arcturus

Galactic Art - Alien Race Arcturus

 May these words inspired from my Arcturian Self seed in your Light, in your Heart expanding Light, creating a Healing Chamber, with a pillar of Light and water that flows all around activating the Love in you.  A fluid Light welcoming in your Heart your Galactic Self, your Higher Self and your Arcturian Self anchoring Galactic Seeds to activate your blueprint as a key to happiness... feeling expanded.  The complex that I will be sharing here may be for the highest good of all and spread in all of us Starlight.

During this chapter we will explore Arturus through my Akashic Records, expanding our understanding about who they are and what benefit would bring to connect with them and activate your Arcturus Starseed connection.

People often say starseeds are Souls that are born in the Galaxy and remember those connections having a sense that they belong  faraway, on occasions it is hard to belong and fit within the rules of society. We are here to talk, explore, grow, as well as to share ideas about how other planes could be in a simple way that you can feel the resonance and in a deep way bring an easyway to expand our knowledge about the seeds from the Stars... and that is my wish.

If you feel drawn to this story  it will be because there are Encoded Messages for you, as well drawn to special moments, as to inspired ideas to reconnect deeply with your human self by traveling into the Galaxy within yourself. 

In this case we explore Arcturus, a celestial galactic race that is part of the indigo, purple, blue, green and diamond ray. My prayer is that when you finish this reading you will be able to apply your alieness more deeply and embedded in your Galactic Self, nevertheless in balanced and rooted into human self being gather together by the presence of Source as brother from the stars sending our best wishes to salute in spirit and to welcome into our hearts our alienness in the resonance of all that it is, consciously inviting our Galactic Self to be guiding us to the piece of Galaxy in our Heart,... open yourself to receive a highest level of creator possibilities in our lives to anchor the Light deeper, seeing our guides all around us and for the highest good of all. Arcturus are experts in healing, that is their magic. There are different types according to their size and they are shown in various colors and sizes. Arcturus is shown with a magenta and indigo sky filled with intermingling light creating a variety of prismatic reflections. It seems like a liquid crystalline fluid world, however it seems to me like a water planet, but it is not the water of the earth, it is like liquid crystals,... as if Love manifested itself in a Light, it has a sonorous motion. Therefore each Light in its prismatic spectrum sounds, which heals as if solfeggio frequencies vibrate in a single giant loving Heart that is Arcturus. My Heart began to vibrate and tremble as if I had a drum in my chest and the resonance of my body in my bed connected to the astral journey of my Soul with its own song. Tears welled up soaking my eyes, and my body of Light, as my physical body slept and shuddered to contain the high Light so the trip didn't last long. I was transported in Light waves that were created by everyone's aura, the version that I am is called Misha and she is a type of priestess who lives in terrestrial time for 700 years. Her skin color is bluish lavender and she is a female energy in a group of 44 Arcturians fused into a single being by the name of Misha. Micha lives on a mothership of Light with many other races where she is a mother, and takes care of the alien children as an energy arts teacher. My Heart melted to see her with her male counterpart who is tall, blue, more humane, about 7 feet and she is about 4 and can observe the Arcturian children who have their limbs much longer than those of humans and their bright crystalline eyes look like the Center of the Universe. To feel the greatest Love that I have never felt as a human and to feel that when God created us he created us as ONE, even though I am human and they are alien, and they are there and I am here, in God's realm we are one and it was as if in the dimensions of God we were a continuation thinking that we are separate when clearly we never separated and it was an instant perception. Is it like the sun that has rays of Light when you determine that a solar flare separates from the sun and that it no longer belongs to the sun? When do you know that you crossed the limit where oxygen is life and water becomes ice or steam? The feeling that everything is more connected than we believe in our minds began to vibrate in my being as an undeniable truth. My perception broadened and it was as if my mind changed and I was able to understand the unknown and how it is that I am so alien and so human at the same time, where do I separate myself and where do I identify myself? Because when they are separated literally my Heart closes to think that I am alone and I forget that I am connected to everything that is. When I give myself permission to see that in everyone and everything that is outside of me a little poem of my being vibrates and resonates because when those thoughts are not of Love I feel excluded from everything else and I close myself in such a way in a part of myself. My Light dims and separates from me and our connection to the creator. As I fragment and desolate trying to connect by forgetting what I am, and always have been. Can you see that? When you close and lock yourself, see that there is something beyond your perception and that you are much more than what feels awful and behind the deadly drama. As a human it is not so easy one day to say _ oh yes from today on I am amrosa!, because we have forgotten the true nature of being in me and in you that is holy, eternal, divine and infinite. Because just as I have asked myself a thousand times who am I? And where do I belong? And what do I become? sure all of you are asking the same questions and that is the awakening, awakening to the power to change our minds and align with all that we are. Like starseed many of us feel like we are on the wrong planet with different abilities that according to society are distortions or mental problems. I've always wondered where to say it. I am, myself, willing to see this differently and I choose to be at peace where instead of feeling wrong I feel content in everything that I am. As Starseed we wonder where I come from? All of us beyond having lives as a dragon, mermaid, angel or alien we are all the SOURCE and that is our true race. Each fragment of OUR Soul is part of the illusion where I am alien and human at the same time. My Heart is magical like the priestess in me who knows Codes of Light and spells, and so human that sometimes I lose faith and ask my Higher Self for help to work a shift in my mind that I may be free of any illusion and I align more and more by being honest with myself as to inspire myself to explore all that I AM. Misha, as my Arthurian being, lives in a reality where she is a Light being in the 7th Dimension and her free will is manifested as a collective. This is the highest life connected to this aspect in Grethel's encarnation. As Arcturian we speak the Language of the Light, that is long sounds that emit symbology that in this dimension can be seen and have a sound that plays and collides together like Stars in the Universe designing the most exquisite Sacred Geometry. Crystalline sparks that are like kissing each other because they are seeds of Love that expand, blend, and uplift each other. I felt connected to everything like the Light would speak to me and each sparkling particle of dazzling Light like sunlight in the morning was so magical. second time spots and I see myself immersed into a stellar shimmering vibe. I felt transparent to them and they were open to me like old friends, it felt so magical every distorted pattern I had was being identified carefully and they were offering templates of symbology to help me and asked very kindly for my consent which I instantly agreed. They start humming and this sound ignited Lights in all colors the traveled together like birds in the sky forming a Healing Chamber, all this made me feel a type of gentle anesthesia in the field, making me feel drawzing and dizzi, I was gently lied down and felt falling asleep, as I was closing my eyes I was giving them the intencion from what I wanted... but a soothing Light Language voice whispered into my ear that I was being taken care, so I should relax beyond the level of my body to the Light of Divine perfection within me. The whisper said - "See the Divine Light in you, we see the perfection and the incapability to be imperfect, allow your perfection to expand. We now see and hold you into the doctor of the Light to identify all physical dysfunctions and any disease so they can be vanished by the complete restoration of your physicality". " Love is the gateway to your ascension and to the divine perfection that is possible beyond the limitation of your mind, are you ready to be healed?" I said - "yes" and Love began to permeate every particle of me. I started shifting from blue to white, to white to yellow, to yellow to green, to green to rainbow, and to rainbow to diamond light, my body was being felt like I was flying, I felt so light like a feather. My guides unnoticed me before we were giving and receiving instructions. I was like in pause, but aware of all. a type of injections grew through their fingers and entered my brain. With a needle sensation and a metal-like sound started beaming until it was so high like the sound of a crystal bowl. I complained about it and they instantly lowered it until it was comfortable and they smiled like laughing at me which made me upset ( was I being bullied by Guides? ) I felt so silly and understood they said I was childish and we all laughed. They said something like "humans lol" kinda and I was like ``Arturus would be ugly humans" after it I laughed and then we all laughed together. It felt good being so different and so similar to when we see beyond what we may be. I noticed I had a tablet in my mind where lots of codes were being deposited and I guess when I need them they will come through my art. I remember when I dyed in that life, I complained to my Higher Self that I disliked it because I could not decide for myself, all of my choices where in my group an that the life was too long and I had few challenges, so the experience adquired for my Soul was not enough, that is why we decided to explore other systems where I could evolve faster and in different ways. My Arturus Self is like a mother of many alien babies which they are born spontaneously from the seed of Soul that were traumatized by others or they have chosen to explore darkness and now they want to reconnect with their purity and divinity to shift and explore their Light. We can say this place is kind of the limbo that is for Catholics an uncertain period of awaiting a decision or resolution; to wait there until they are purified, and then go back to the heavens. It was shown in my travels to Arcturus that they in my Akashic Records where beings of water for a while made Love. Some Arturus work with elemental beings from all planets helping to seed them when planets are born. These Arcturians are mint pearlescent color and they are like 3 feet, kinda fairy-like, childish spirit, joyful, fun and eager to spread magical adventures in the elemental kingdoms. They have their guides who are a type of angelic beings that are part of Source above Archangels, that are the enchanted aspect of God. When Gaia began, they seeded all medicinal plants, trees and flowers. Other types of Arcturians in my Akashic Records are alchemists of the crystals; they are liquid like mercury but at the same time sparkling flares of diamond Light, and these ones have connections at the multiverse with sidereal guides that oversee the multiverse. Other Arcturians, the ones more connected to earth, are blue ( tall with masculine energy ) and purple ( small femenine energy ). These are collectives that live in motherships and have different assignments that work with the Galactic Nations as diplomats, doctors, specialists of genetics, but their expertise is healing through the emotional body, at least on the Akash. I have the sensation that their energy feels as glittering Love that collides in luminous ways, sparkling in us new eyes, stellar Heart flowing Love, celestial memories in the stellar traveling Soul we own... helping us to have new insights, unlearning the ways of fear and learning the ways of Love itself, helping spirit to rise in us, to the truth or our being that is visionary Light, enlightening loving astral hearts, bright open to all that is good and it is radiating Soul, shimmering wisdom, uplifting our thought and our feelings shining and dissolving all sickness, and to have the conviction of the Heart and a way to life and starseed that as human we choose to stand within ourselves. Building our house in the Heart and knowing our sense of self is in the Love... the abundantly flow and to center all we are with ease and grace. May these words seed LIGHT, emotional, spiritual fortification to understand who you are beyond your Human Self, other people's opinions or the human circumstances. developing the courage to everyday spread the Light to receive today for the highest good of all.

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