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Galactic Art Alien Race - Lyra - Sirius - Starseed Drawing

Galactic Art Alien Race - Lyra - Sirius Feline - Starseed Drawing

Soul chart for Starseed aligned with 6th dimensional - Lyra - Sirius ~ blu Ray, Ra collective , Orion, Atlantean serpent people, Andromeda, Emerald Green Ray, Egyptian collective, Angelic Ophanim are a class of celestial beings known for hold the Wisdom of God, Annunaky, Dragon collective, This Soul has connections directly with Sirius ( and Lyra and this is the aspect that came through the drawing he is a wisdom keeper)they are experts in the geometry of the light and how the energy whether is negatively charged or positively charge collide breeding each other finding a new pattering and reopening zinging new waves for the light the wave and create new light. In Sirius his soul had the opportunity to explore a more shamanic versión looking like an avatar amphibious in a water planet and in connection with their version of dolphins and whales that channel the light from their heart chakra. The other aspect I was shown is a more blue ray androgynous a science alike type of soul that would observe how the consciousness would be express since start as an idea that natural flow as opposites between the energy of the masculine and the feminine got cut of or blend into one force field. If the feminine is cut off is delegated as a secondary, and the masculine got prominent and conflicting, war, conquest begin to initiate a new merge looking to build a higher mighty alchemy between both as complements with the purpose of serving the power of love that is source without diminishing any expression of the energy rather than opposites. Another aspect in Sirius is a hybrid royal descendant from the Lyrans; this is a diplomatic aspect: a leader in the galaxy in that timeline with an important part on the galactic federation of light. Lyra ( the vibration of all that is as creation, signature frequency through passion as the highest excitement and to allow synchronicity to come as abundance keeper. The gifts are intuition, healing, creator, leader of the light. Very connected with dragons and the fire of God. Also it has connections with Mars and Venus, Sirius elders, Atlantis, Chiron, Neptune, Solar beings logos and vesta- priests , Orion, Pleiades, the heart is the magic of the soul. It’s strength comes from the heart as it seeds light into what has been rigid it becomes a lucky charm of Abundance. the message; We are honored and pleased to be here, in a circle of Love and Light. That is an Infusion of Source Light as a gift from Heaven.

We are streaming in this image, as your gaze at your soul's reflection A shower of Light codes are patterns of Pure Source energy and frequency gently. Will be in the air coming into your lungs and as you exhale you will let go of worry and density.

Allow yourself to oxygenate you, and receive the refreshment of the air. Where literally reload yourself with light encodes of healing, information, and higher dimensional energy. Effortlessly re-connect with the energy of Divine Presence available to you now. With in and the codes as you gaze at this image and fill up yourself with source consciousness.

Light codes sometimes show up as perceptible light particles, sparkles, blissful sounds, tones, feeling sensations, patterns or geometric symbols that once align with changes in your vibrational manifestation point. So you effortlessly and naturally begin to attract the Highest Divine outcome. Into your reality, as these codes come in a form of rain, revitalizing, and refreshing to you, possibilities for your life. Your connection with Divine, come now through your air full of Light Code of Pure Source of Consciousness. Really is the key, as you reconnect with the original self. To manifest so many blessings into your life. The beautiful thing is that once you reconnect with Divine Presence, and the realignment of your being. Allow yourself to feel the fullness of your being and how big you are. As the Source Light comes to blend with you, within your core, maintaining it on a day to day basis. As you set your intentions to connect with sources at every moment. And as you set your intentions it is true, and so this is.

with love, your guides

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