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Galactic Art - Alien Race Sirius - Unleashing the Starlight from my Heart.

Galactic Art - Alien Race Sirius - Unleashing the Starlight from my Heart. This Sirian Guide bodies a Warrior of Light who encourages us to meditate discovering the way to travel and explore the Galaxy from your Heart. Starseeds sense that they do not belong to the planet and seek to belong,and they end discovering the mission of their bright and starry being. Magic in your Stars shine when you discover in your galactic Heart that the imperfect becomes the master of your universal Soul, where in the eyes of the creator you are perfect based on who you are and it is not what you do... but perfectly what you become. The Universe offers you perfection when you unleash the power of Galatia in your Heart by launching rockets into outer space where the Milky Way is .. exploring your interior opening your Hearts within other planets. Within my world in the Fifth Dimension we are warriors of our Planet Canis Mayor, Guardians of everything there is and consequently vibrates on our planet, due to this we discover that the deepest part of our being the most you connect with what is outside of you. But the sidereal world outside without noise and with the revealing silence of each Constellation that connects you with a piece of it that seems lost and searching the map of your Soul are only covered in stardust. Your bone is made of the same minerals of the Stars, in your blood are the Seeds of Light that reveal your lineage... and your physical body is the instrument of your Light and motion that sounds the frequency and tone of your Soul. In the tone where your Galaxy sings the tales of your wisdom, it was where we unified as Sirius and ascended to the Fifth Dimension. Listen to your song and the sound that harmonizes the singing of the beats of your traveling Heart, traveling in your rhythm discovering each colour within you. Learning to prove the desires of your Heart and perceiving the fragance of happiness where dreams are the pillow that supports your travel, as a consequence discovering the mystical and eternal alchemy being in you. Find me in your silence aligned dynamically where the vortex of your Light is a star portal and as you stop its creativity and abundance, where you have healthy limits in balance between what is and what you will create for your best and great good. Vibrating in uncreated space and traversed it without time and place in the house of the Galactic Soul in your Heart and that is the best description of a Warrior of Light who is brave to maintain the balance between his darkness and his Light with laquinia illuminated from the world outside and the mystery inside aligned with infinite eternity and the second consents and presents in what is and so be it ... With LOVE Sirius

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