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Galactic Art Andromeda Galaxy ~ Alien Art

Galactic Art~Andromeda Galaxy ~ Alien Art

This Galactic Soul Chart for the Soul born February 10th comes in straight connections with Sirius B (Beings of Water, more Amphibious) and Sirius A (Shamanic Healers, more like Avatars). However, the Highest Aspect of the Oversoul, after Higher Self and Angelic, is from Andromeda. This is the one that is coming up today in the Drawing, to be of assistance for the Highest Good of All.

In this case, this Aspect represents the Andromeda Galaxy, where it has a place in the Galactic Federation of Light. It represents Andromeda as an Emissary, that observes the Evolution of Timelines on Earth on its way to Ascension.

It is connected with this life of yours and another 12 on Earth, 12 in the Galaxy, and 12 in the Angelic and Elemental Spiritual Beings. By circles of 12 Souls, each individual mission also favors the other Aspects, to support another 12 Aspects in the Shadows, being 44 Aspects that find neutrality, mutually supporting each other, and learning from each other.

We could say that this is your Galactic Higher Self. Part of its mission is to observe and learn how a society that lives in Duality experiences and learns between its comings and goings, exploring Love and Fear. In their reality, they are in complete neutrality, and are completely aligned with Unconditional Love.

They learn and appreciate what we show them about how it feels to feel in a Physical Body, in a dense environment by decision, to find the Light in All That Is, and the Love that awakens and reminds us of our True Essence. In the Astral World, they protect you, guide you, and are part of the Team that evaluates your progress, to determine if you are ready to activate your DNA to hold more Light in Balance, and when, in your timeline, you will be ready for contact with the Galaxy. This is a Message of Love from your Soul that is mine, and my Soul that is yours, in the multidimensionality of our Eternity, where I cover you with my Stellar Mantle, to raise a Pious Prayer and a loving Heartbeat of Love, that melts into the Light that wraps your Old Soul from my hands. This Light is mine and yours, in the multiplicity of Traveling Souls, like changing lenses, observing Love in different channels. Whoever we choose to be in our loving Astral and Eternal Destiny, we are Partners in the Infinite Holy Spectrum of Divine Light. I see the Light in my hands as your Immense Light, and I ask you to know how to see the Light In Me that is in you…let the Light Shine in the Galaxy. Allow the brilliant Galaxy that lives in you, in your Physical Form, raise you to shine as a Star Seed, with its Stellar Mantle, and only leave a resplendent Fragment of the God In You to shine as the most Sacred and Ethereal Light of your Divine Infinity. On Earth, the Angels of Magic and the Crystals, together with Archangel Sandalphon, take care of you. They raise their prayers to surround you with Loving Light, and direct your intentions to the Creator Father of All That Is, Has Been, and Will Be. Connect with the Music of your Wise Soul, and discover the Secrets of your Soul by finding Inspirational Action. In this case, he represents the Golden Flares and the Holy Fire Healer of your Wise Heart. Allow yourself to remember that you walk with the Steps of Christ Consciousness, that is lovingly activated in you by remembering the Divine Essence of your Being. Your Loving Way Guides Bless Us!!

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