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Galactic Art Arturus Twin flame

This is a drawing of an Arcturian love, with whom they share a beautiful channel on how to make love, and it’s called the art of making love like lovers do.

Reach your hands up in the darkness twirling them and feeling in the darkness, waiting for your beloved to interlock, then hold on to each other, not giving up on love.

The art of making love is encoded in every single moment that you cherish each other by being patient and respectful with each other’s needs including making love.

When you are making love you bleed light. Now it is time to breathe in the fountain of love and drink the elixir of love and know that the reflection of love is the glow from your own soul.

Hold still and thrive softly into the piece of you that is divinely reflected in your beloved as you become each other’s remedy during the healing art of making love.

Open yourself into the most intimate connection where words aren’t needed

Treat your partner as you would an honored guest

Your beloved entrusts their heart to you, their soul feels safe to connect with you and when that connection from soul to soul dives deep into the bond of unconditional love a precious heaven is found.

Beloveds who share love in sacred union know and feel the remembrance of this holy connection that feels as if a higher power came down to make love to you, giving you a piece of their soul,

You cannot treat the soul casually. Part of making love is being interested in your partner’s life.

To listen to your beloved with an open heart and appreciating that trust is part of making love too.

You must protect, nurture and handle it with care.

You are not going to have a connection if you don’t share the heart in all you do and support your beloved in intimacy

Make eye contact as you make love and as you smile feeling honored to exchange this love, know it’s all connected and a necessary part of making love.

Bring humor into your partnerships as you allow yourself and your beloved to be playful and creative about love making know this is also sacred union

In order to develop the art and craft about making love look for connection and when your connection is sacred that is real intimacy.

Enjoy the connection with your beloved, as you honor the own sacred connection with your body

When you appreciate everything you do together that is a part of making love

In your spiritual practice when you invite source into your own sacred connection, touching each other is that part of making love. The point is deep connection, by gazing into each other’s eyes you can also experience the deep stillness and beauty that is in this sacred connection and union

Start out by telling each other what you appreciate, activating the senses with aromas, sounds, and with the heart, demonstrating that when people make love they invite the spirit of love and invite the presence of God to bless your union and connection.

Making love in the presence of God is sacred sexuality, powerful and true enlightenment.

God is Love ❤️

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