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Galactic Art - Avalon - wake up wrapped in Magic!

Galactic Art - Avalon - wake up wrapped in Magic!

This is a drawing encoded with light language that reflects the map of the soul from its original blueprint, activating the higher aspects that align in divine union to find the unification of the soul at all levels.

when you meditate with this code and imagine the blue being that represents the higher self connected to you in a temple where you can create freely in your imagination or use this drawing as inspiration to download the codes of light that most benefit your soul in the auqi and now. We can say that the essence feels pleasurable in an original way and knowledge is a gift and its mission is to remember the strength of its Heart.

Other galactic timelines are Avalon, which seems to be where this image was inspired from, and the blue-skinned figure is your higher self in alignment with your Avalon soul and the Pleiades, which are the aspects that benefit you the most in this life. You also have aspects in Orion, White Pleiadian, Archangel Uriel, Christ Consiousness, Antares, New Earth, Lemuria, Sirius and Zeta Rettaculi.

this aspect reflects a life where he became a master of the laws of the universe and the mysteries of alchemy and you are an extension of your high aspects where they thank you for helping them learn in a system of duality where contrast allows you to find the angel in you sharing the planet with so many other beings in immense varieties on the spectrum between light and dark.

this skin seems like a magician, alchemist and priestess who learns the alchemy of love from the feminine side of god and discovers the magic by discovering the sparks of dev god in everything that has been and will be.

magic that is more a state of consciousness where synchronicity in alignment with the universe gives you a path of fun and joy in the heart by focusing on what is right and by co-creating more moments where you appreciate in present form the light and spark of Everything around you.

It allows you to ignite the magic of the spark of your heart that is fluid when the joy and exploration of your soul allows you to see the light and the magic that already exists in abundance in you, showing you the way to discover the buried treasures where everything prosperously sustains you doing peace with what is.

You can make the world a magical place when you see the resplendent light in the morning of each moment in your rejoicing heart where you always choose to align yourself with the creative source of all that is.

the magic awakens in you at every moment!!

be the magician that lights your way and shines loving light to all that is always working for you and recreating more brilliant magic!!

she lets the magic guide you to the mastery of the moment where you receive light and radiant celestial stellar shine and so be it...!!

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