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Galactic Art Constellation of Orion Starseed

Galactic Art – Alnilam – Constellation of Orion A universe balanced in it’s own dark and light is Magical!!!

Reflected in the image is the duality and the dance of the evolution of consciousness between light and darkness, this consciousness being inspired to create variable forms in what is an eternal second when it is anchored in the physical reality of the earth.

This guide shows different personalities and while in this form it is only a minimum expression of your consciousness forming in one of the multiple personalities using the infinite abilities to create the maximum expression of being.

This fragmented soul enters his God consciousness and shows the ability one day out of the blue to ask the Father in a metaphor where the new explores the old and says - I don't know who I want to be? I don't understand where I come from or where I belong? I understand everything and I know nothing, that I am transformed and I have always been so that the Father in an avatar form that represents a spiritual guide what for us would be your higher self tells him - then my son, what do you know? Talk to me and I will listen to you.

The son says to the Father - because I know that there is no end, there is no emptiness in me, I know that there are many heavens and universes and many varieties of consciousness, each one aligned with its own version of you Father. Referring to a metaphor where God speaks to himself from knowledge by wanting to discover how it is that I know.

The stone speaks - My son, it is time to discover your form, your form has never been physical and the physical is alien to you, being the whole that invites you to know nothing and shining here in the light does not allow you to see your brightness because you lack the dark background where your light is clearly perceived so go and explore your consciousness.

This guide is then seen fluttering like a soul attached to his mother whom he chose and in that reality the sun did not shine and winter was eternal. It was said that this kingdom lost its light because it wanted to trap it with traps of darkness and when the darkness waxed the light turned off.

When this guide is born, he is born with the ability to appear as light from his mind, yes. he was one of many who mutated being born with new gifts, all variants of light, magic and alchemy. When he grew up they met and formed a group or sect that taught others to activate their light, their magic and alchemy through understanding their own order but without restriction.

They were called the Black League because they used obsidian capes that were flexible and were magical capes; one shone like the sun, others were invisible, others were like a pet that assisted you on your way. At that time, the star wars were already ending and this soul, in its knowledge of the multidimensionality of its consciousness, created avatars that explored the darkness in order to order its light and harmonize its magic in the alchemy of love.

Creation is the result of perception with the alchemy of your consciousness between light and darkness, and magic is awakened when the simple image in front of you invites you to vary the image and recalibrate your perception to create new forms and new channels by manipulating your illusion so that your consciousness aligns with the mysticity of love where you return to the uncreated.

Creativity is magic, so being surrounded by darkness, the most natural and simple solution is to create light, and when the light blinds you, you no longer see where it begins or where it ends, inviting the light to create limits and forms - that is magic within the limitlessness of your consciousness.

Every magician in reality becomes an illusionist who creates realities, tricks are traps that deceive the mind and what seems like a calendar day in the same second on the other side of the world is another day and another night here and so you understand what I am and what you are.

Knowing yourself makes you know me and limiting yourself to knowing only yourself limits the infinite possibilities of creating even from the dark, because from your center of Creator, the illusions vanish in the magic of the only real thing, the love you gave and the love that you experienced in your illusions and creations on the way to all that is.

Your ascension is like seeing your entire wardrobe and merging it into a single outfit. gathering all the spaces of your fall and merge them into just one so that when each creation is equally darkened and illuminated you will find divine neutrality, where nothing can be separated and everything is one. In the illusion of the image both light and the magic of love were experienced, and the platform of darkness was the perfect place to discover duality.

Your limit vanishes where your straight line becomes a curve and a symbol is created with a sense and a predominant frequency that is perhaps spontaneity and now if when your straight line instead of a curve separates into points then your symbol maybe would be individuality, authenticity.

Now we are going to play that your straight line returns from where it came from, maybe your symbol means past and if instead of that another straight line is made, then you want your symbol to be a triangle and at the same time 3 straight lines unified.

You could say the shapes are thousands of dots all together blazing trails that could also have meanings and infinite possibilities - you will begin to learn the spontaneity of creation. Your consciousness is infinite. This illusion should be taken only as the play to create.

We suggest, play to create and re-create and find the magicality to dream in a dream on your way back Home. Let your journey be neutral between your light and your darkness and don't forget the power of your creations. With love, the Guides.

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