Galactic Art Constellation of Orion Starseed

Galactic Art – Alnilam – Constellation of Orion A universe balanced in it’s own dark and light is Magical!!!

Reflected in the image is the duality and the dance of the evolution of consciousness between light and darkness, this consciousness being inspired to create variable forms in what is an eternal second when it is anchored in the physical reality of the earth.

This guide shows different personalities and while in this form it is only a minimum expression of your consciousness forming in one of the multiple personalities using the infinite abilities to create the maximum expression of being.

This fragmented soul enters his God consciousness and shows the ability one day out of the blue to ask the Father in a metaphor where the new explores the old and says - I don't know who I want to be? I don't understand where I come from or where I belong? I understand everything and I know nothing, that I am transformed and I have always been so that the Father in an avatar form that represents a spiritual guide what for us would be your higher self tells him - then my son, what do you know? Talk to me and I will listen to you.