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Galactic Art Dolphins Starseeds

My drawing of the light - Dolphins, and whales

I will share a bit of background about what your guides showed me. The Dolphin, Whale, Sirius is water being mermaid, sensitive, a healer by nature, and a code keeper, the galactic ones look a bit different then the ones form earth more like avatar water being, they can change from and they are being of light, no physical body at all. their expertise is the light language through the geometry of the Sound This energy influence directs the physical matter experts of the magnetic fields and the fusion of the trinity, as male, female, and both. They also harmonize the negative and the positive fields mainly through vibration. The start splits in every direction that the concepts of unity split into many fields from male, female, positive, negative, and that eco created from the duality create a sound in the universe. Those waves started creating energy between polarities and started to create an energy that energy had a sound of light. The language of the light created form through sacred geometry, which is the expertise of Sirius, Dolphins, and Whales.

They follow the lines of energy and understand the alchemy that united all. In that way, Light language was born. Greetings my fellow human, We are the matrix of Dolphins and whales, and we connect through the heartbeat of your heart. Our sound creates a network of love notes, and it is where all the spirits become one. The Heart opens, my dear, is teaching you how to communicate your feelings. Drop the barriers of the heart, my dear... All of those emotions that you sublimated, they're being triggered...and your heart portal gets rigid, and a rigid heart vibrates in negative and struggles to see the light. Negative heartbeats become feelings that you gloss over when people ask you what's wrong, and you say, 'Nothing, I'm fine (but you really aren't)...creating the illusion of brokenness. be brave and open the heart and seed love in those wounds Any feelings you glossed over so you can be strong... Yes, seed love in all those emotions! They're being triggered so you can EXPRESS what's in your HEART.... pouring Love. The better you are at tuning in to Love, the easier this will be for you. Love is all you need now... No matter what you're experiencing, give yourself a LOVING hug! Sending you so much love. Dolphin Matrix

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