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Galactic Art - Founders ~. Lyra connection - Spiritual Guide Storytelling

Galactic Art - Founders ~. Lyra connection - Spiritual Guide Storytelling

We are one with all and all with one, a kind of bridge between the Creator of all that is in it’s multidimensional aspect and the individuality of the fractals of the soul that seek to anchor in spirit through the imprint of Wisdom and throughout all dimensions of being.

When the Creator’s Light creates, when it fragments, it first forms an identity as a non-incarnated spirit and then emerges from the non-created by forming an idea of what he wants to be and what type of being he wants to become. In this process he separates into his Higher Self and his guided self, his Higher Self guiding well his guided self, and his Higher Self guiding him back again to the uncreated.

When the whole is founded it is nothingness, the fullness of it is empty. And from this spirit a singular mind is born creating an illusion with its beloved Higher Self where the soul is born and reborn between the dimension of belief and the dimension of feeling. The emanated belief is born as a desire that is like a comet in motion circulating through his feelings, creating a container in order to anchor the spirit through the soul that resides in the illusion of being. Your reality is your Light born from spirit which creates a biology and your biology grows rooted in your soul, anchored in spirit. You experience your Light when you allow yourself to go beyond the illusion and see beyond your physical senses of sight, touch, taste, hearing, and feeling.

Intuition is the voice of the Higher Self anchored in spirit who creates guides who reside in the sixth dimension as expressions that help those who want to be helped. The system is perfect, in natural divine order, and organically aligned with the big picture. Intuition rises to the 4th dimension of being where it practices integrating the projection of the soul into reflections of itself within the illusion according to who it wants to be, finding an experience beyond the anchor of time, space, and depth of being.

You will transcend when your integrity, values, morals, and ethics align in neutrality with the constant emanation of love for yourself and all others in the unification of calm emissions with a peaceful mind in a healthy body in the social and individual, in a resurrection between body, soul and spirit. After your resurrection you will be a being of light in a constant emanation of light and love without the anchor of time as a singular being connected with everything.

When you integrate like us and everything is at the service of yourself and everyone, you will be able to move to the sixth dimension where your mission is only to serve others. Anchoring your most enlightened and celestial spirit, leaving the feeling of the self to only pair with the whole we are, it transcends to the collective. His collective ascends by unifying all of the parts of himself in infinity, eternal with the whole. and when neutrality vibrates in the Almighty frequency it is because all contracts, missions, purposes and all karma are transmuted and transcended, allowing you to return to the level of origin

At the level of origin, it seeks to return as if it were imploding from within, returning to the uncreated to recreate itself in the multiverse. The uncreated has not been anything, it is not singular and it is everything and everyone eternally and infinitely complete, absolute, total, omnipresent, omniscient, boundless, ubiquitous, Universal and multi-universal. Creator of all is relating to, or characteristic of all or the whole: not created and applicable everywhere or in all cases; general, always being, is and it will be done affecting, concerning, or involving all. Creator of all is used or understood by all, something that may be applied throughout the universe to many things, usually thought of as an entity that can be in many places at the same time. The origin and the end, the genesis and the apocalypse in divine neutrally with absence of name, beyond color, the timeless hour in the infinite second interwoven with the half way in between all edges endlessly created with out itself being created in the uncreated.

Guided with Love

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