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Galactic art - Goddess Healing Divine

Galactic art - Goddess Healing Divine Femenine - sumerian timeline

This is a drawing when in ancient times women's role was honored and womens greatest psychic need was that her feelings, gifts and intuition was cherished. back in the time women that had certain god descendancy lineage were chosen to be trained to be High- priestess and through the mysteries of the universe and much more....

This High Priestess would live in service and not allowed to have family, instead they would live surrounded by richness in the palace and attuned to connect with the elemental spirits of Gaia

This is a Sumerian Timeline where in this akashic records they would connect with Venusians and Mother of creation and perform rituals to heal and become keepers of wisdom.

Temples made of Stones in the water were between chanting and prayers gods would have been summoned to enhance the magnetic power of the Divine Femenine.

The divine feminine, when activated from its strength, claims your loving power and develops your accurate intuition through the voice of your heart.

Although the masculine and feminine divine energy exists in all people, regardless of their sex or gender, it invites us to experience the alchemy of our soul. within each one of us the divine seeds of the divine masulinum and the divine feminine attract and repel each other looking for a complement and the alchemy of the interior god in Neutrality. Feminine energy lovingly nourishes, defining itself as compassionate healing that invites you to compassionate peace. While the masculine energy focuses on doing the feminine energy is Being and Both are meant to complement and support each other: they are yin and yang. The idea and the feeling that dance between the strong and the soft that flows and focuses in inspired action co-creating life. The wounded divine feminine feels like a victim, distrusts, worries, manipulates, hardens, criticizes, judges and divides through his fears. The divine feminine who is anchor in the goddess who is the spirit of god's creation lets her spirit guide him to the highest love, blooming from within and walks with the smell of forgiveness like flower petals, wakes up every morning knowing that in his day there is spring and he trusts his intuition which allows him to venture with the certainty that it is easy to be willing to see God in all that is. The divine Feminine in balance inherits the wisdom of her ancestors as a sorceress, shaman, goddess, teacher and angel on earth who gives life with her being. A beautiful healer with love and herbs, she is a counselor of the soul, leader of her family creating with her being gifts of love and being sovereign of her soul and truth creating, evolving and transcending giving the extra mile by being a mother, daughter, wife, citizen, and superhero. A wounded divine Femenine will be violent with her words through them as knives that create destruccion and will control with manipulation creating wars. Divine Feminine with the ability to reinvent herself over and over again like the raindrop that becomes a river and discovers the immensity of the ocean, transforms into steam and rises to the sky transcending like the caterpillar and the butterfly where she always finds new ways to be her best version. . The version of God's love that is everything and creates everything.

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Sara Behic
Sara Behic
Apr 01, 2022

Thank you ❤️❤️

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