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Galactic Art Multidimentional Guide - Storytellling

Galactic Art Multidimentional Guide - Storytellling
His soul is born first as a counselor and part of the expression of god as avatars, that advise souls in fragmentation and to choose illusion in this universe.

We can say that it is a guide and one who loves himself and these two aspects are founders, creators, originals, the uncreated have been given many names. This soul today tells the story of how it fragments into an avatar guide of its higher self called founder and a 3 dimensional lyrian, who created an illusion as the first civilization in the galaxy. The aspect of lyra is the first to be born in a semi-physical body without history and experience, only guided by her intuition in a very indelicate tribe still without separation, between the masculine and the feminine, only ordered in archetype of power and weakness in the order of survival. As an individual and as a herd. The pack constantly struggled to be in balance between the separation, the union between them and the internal balance. Then the herd begins to divide and divide between ancheotypes, such as mother, father, feminie and masculine, powerful and weak and thus different tribes emerged, some more angelic than others and some with different varieties of humanoids between humanoid dragon, humanoid bird, and humanoid feline.

This soul then found a new colony in pleiades and pleine where his community explores the organization and the rules in which the pack must maintain balance where respect for one is respect for all and that is peace. We can say that democracy, laws and punishments as a consequence were born there. Where each action had an effect and the effect a mutation and that mutation brought either order or disorder to the group and thus parameters were created where they would be taught in peace in order to remember the true essence, from where they had disconnected and sought to remember the original essence and anchor the spirit. Debates were created where elders and older elders, Lyran fathers and Pleidian sons decided the best course of the pack already functioning , structured as a society. This soul decides that if not, how is its disaster, how can its shadow know how to bring order, so it reincarnates in Orion as a warrior who worked for a very controlling empire and who, through the duality of fear, explored expansion through the Law of Chaos. The aspect of the Dark Soul, i need to explore the chaos and fear to understand that if something can go wrong, it will go wrong because everything is connected, so if everything always finds the balance, he returns to reincarnate in Sirius, where he learns the laws of the universe, the sacred geometry and the language of light in hundreds of incarnations on Mars, Niburo, Venus, Arcturus, Grey, Zeta, Polaris, and returns to the Pleiades, where the fifth dimension ascends for the first time from where it is reborn on earth to thus begin a path of ascension and graduate anchoring your spirit in the 6th dimension, through the power of love.

His Message,

I would like you to connect with me...through the light in me.

Back in my time, we were not physical. We were a light pattern that chooses eventually to manifest a physical form that settles a personality and linear experience throughout the anchor of time.

we can say we were the first angels that decide to become physical and explore the Soul in separation and our form appear lion alike because our crown was still connected to the source and we had millions of antennas now looking as hair that gave us the appearance of dandelions pattern similar to the crown chakra that could channel the original at all times

I am here to help you as your higher self to spark your rays of light to shine bright.

Embody Your Highest Self There is a window of opportunity open now to align with profound transformation and immense soul growth.

Do what you love to do, and You can use this period of intensity to finally reveal, clear out and let go of whatever it is you've been carrying or knowing to be genuine, but that is now holding you back.

From the old energetic patterns expressing the opposite of what you want to the density that is putting you from living your light in the fullness of you

This is a time that represents your opportunity to reset into more great alignment and harmony with the Highest Divine Truth of You!

Rising amidst intense frequencies… become more lucid of your light and physicality as starlight.

My dear angel, I AM ALways with you. You can find me in your heart.

all my love, Guides

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1 Comment

Bouillaud Bertrand
Bouillaud Bertrand
May 18, 2022

merci pour tout ces Etres cosmiques

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