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Galactic Art - New Earth Self - Hybrid Quantum Human Future Self - ( Pleiades - Sirius - Blue Ray

Galactic Art - New Earth Self - Hybrid Quantum Human Future Self - ( Pleiades - Sirius - Blue Ray Human Essence)- Alien Race

The drawing is from a future Avatar that lives in close to the 3,000 year AC where Earth goes through an inclusive face where in the Fifth Dimension different aspects of the Fifth Dimension of the same soul merge with each other to support one other and be able to ascend to the Sixth Dimension.

I was explained that they where 44 fragments of the same Soul between the roots mentioned above mind synchronize their Light, and wisdom to become a spiritual being of the Sixth Dimension and transform into a spiritual guide back to the source of the creator of all that is.

At this level, the Soul decides not to incarnate and take angelic form where it serves as a Guide for other fragments of his oversoul that he seeks in his journey to ascend.

In this version as a Spirit Guide, it seems as a strong assistant of the assigned Soul fragment and a point of contact between the Soul fragment and its Higher Self to update, generate or eliminate the contracts of the fragmented Soul. It designates new challenges, new learning paths and provides all the support to the Soul fragment that will be a Spiritual Guide. It is something like a Spirit that has management functions, as a bridge between the fragments of separation and the fragments already ascended to Source.

This aspect in this life works and merges with your Higher Self to help you on your way to the Fifth Dimension coming from having a physical body and living in density completely, know from your own experience the challenges that may appear along the way and by synergy you understand and provide all the resources of the infinite wisdom of your Soul, so as a domino effect everyone climbs a step on the way to Heaven.

Your message is:

The old and divine Soul in you has spoken inviting you to feel its sacred presence, vibrating in every part of your divine Soul that carries tattooed each journey of the spiritual traveler and explorer of the most holy true Essence.

Your wandering Soul allows you to always decide to walk ahead of something that comes to you... so your acts are in synchronicity with the Universe of your old Soul, but also to show you in the abundant wisdom of your Soul the best and simplest paths in alignment with the Creator of all that is.

The Soul in you is a piece of divinity of the Creator.

Your instinct is intricately being the voice of your Soul and mind intertwined between flowing and stagnating in the comfort of the moment.

Decisions that are made in alignment with your divine truth or with the distance from your truth reasons that are revealed between your wise Soul and your stubborn mind being both designed with the moment that widens narrows contracts and expands giving you space to discernment.

The Soul in you guides thee in every breath!

Find the voice of your old and wise Soul letting you interact with your decisions, and feeling the Light or heavy emotions connected with each decision and freeing yourself from the conditions that repress the expansion of your wise and divine being.

The Soul in you vibrates at every moment,... with LOVE. Your Guides

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