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Galactic art - Orion light

Galactic art - Orion light

This soul is highly connected with the constellation of Sirius, it defines bellenas, pleiades, hybrid earth, zeta reticuli, mantis beings, and the constellations of Orion Bellatrix, Rigel and Mintaka.

When I was making this drawing, the soul looked like a goddess vibration. This ancestor is in a time parallel to this and represents the soul that is born in the star and that is a bit of an extreme terrestrial on earth finding its own galactic essence.

This aspect of the drawing is from Orion and a guardian of the dragons and the fire of sacred god, holy fire that represents the creation of the creator of all the physical. This aspect represents true compassion. Compassion is the loving perception where life is understood beyond what is seen and with sacred empathy, the being who finds authenticity is healed by being a star on earth that emanates celestial fire.

Spirit today wants to remind you that God's sacred compassion comes from living in the present in the simplicity of love and the brilliance of light.

When you allow yourself to live in light and loving empathy, you can sustain each event with gratitude and forgiveness without holding density or pain and letting go with the equanimity of God.

The compassion of your spirit will come to save humanity where it aligns with the cosmos and the collective mind in the paradox of your soul evolution.

This image represents holographic healing to leave the past behind and align yourself with a new and lighter version of you.- and every time you see and connect intimately with this aspect of your soul, learning to nurture your spirit, healing will come to elevate you in the most highest, these spheres of the wisdom of your being.

It is time to leave behind the self sacrifice, guilt, and the separation in polarity in this healing journey where your spiritual technology will now give you the courage of mental transformation where your mind channels the sacred wisdom of your soul.

Let your wise mind be serene in your loving light, let your love shine like the star that you are.

With high love, your guides

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2 comentarii

Debbie Graham
Debbie Graham
22 nov. 2021

She is stunning and so graceful - just beautiful 😇🥰


04 nov. 2021

So beautiful! Thank you for sweet share ! ♥️💫🌟💗💖🥰😍

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