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Galactic Art Orion Statseed

MY drawing of the Light - Rise Orion!

Orion Ridel: Orion starseeds are a fascinating type of Starseed, coming from the brightest Orion constellation.
This Orion guide felt very ancient knowledge, understanding, and sense, A truth seekers and very empathic. He showed me that the Orions are made up of many different species or rather clusters of energy—the warriors of the light and work with the upgrading of DNA in the elemental kingdom of Gaia. Your Guide looks like Neo to me, and his duty is to awaken what is riding in our heart, and as we seed light into and the heart softens, we can awaken through our original essence. He reminds me of Neo because they seed light into the Distortions of the matrix, transmuting negative timelines around the universe, in battles fields where the waves of positive and negative light as emotions reflect the truth and find new alchemy. As humans, we can have a battlefield within our emotions because we are bonded by energy, and those are the wheel of energy and the chakras. He showed me how the kundalini energy spiral energy creating the shape of the body and divides itself in geometry between the negative feeling and the positive feelings created the chakra wheel, creating a torus field spinning around us that shape the matter. So every organ is the product of that alchemy we have within our own battles fields of evolution of the Soul Orions learn to change from a very aggressive result of a lot of restriction, oppression, boundaries, and burdens. Greeting my dear, I am Awuar I desire to seed light into your heart every time you gaze at the image of my reflection. Let the light be your guiding light, my dear. Be a warrior of your FREEDOM, LIBERATION, and REVOLUTION. All battles are won by a loving heart that is open to finding peace. Everything is about to change⁠, be in your heart. It is time for innovation, equality, and humanitarianism.⁠ ⁠ Today, your Soul begins its two-year sojourn into this freedom-seeking evolution. As a society, humans have a lot of work to do. There are many ways this energy will play out personally, so allow yourself to enjoy the ride. There's magic on the other side of fear. Once you invest in yourself and make your dreams a priority, your life begins to transform in the most extraordinary ways. When you dedicate time and resources to yourself - even a little bit every week, you will inevitably get a return on your investment. You are the best investment in the world!

All our Love, Awuar

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