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Galactic Art Pleiades I storytelling I Alien Race - Maia -

That's right it's this town in maia where the houses are organically round like crescents made of a substance like earth made of sand that is millions of very fine diamonds as well as icing sugar. Each particle of Pleiadian sand is a being that, just like the ants, has a collective mind linked to the planet, which in this case looks like silvery blue water with pink lavander touches and gold-green crystalline glitters. everything is in a crystalline and very organic metallic aquamarine color palette and I mean elementary, a type of animal like chimeras that are formed from 3 different types of ancient legend animals. Those who are in this community have long legs like an ostrich, but a cat ucerpod and rabbit ears long up to their shoulders and very small arms with only 3 fingers but tender, yes, hairy and tender. This family takes care of organized matter because from where it shows me they are semi light-semi-physical, something like 4 very high dimensions where they have not ascended because they enjoy being in the middle of the physical and ethereal. There is a god, beautiful blue as the sun in the center of the planet that manifests as the ascended consciousness of all and is named when he takes humanoid form the lord of lords. It is like the elohim, an angelic-galactic version of the god of Maia that is perceived as the one and only God of Gods of Maia. Consciousness that gives the foundation and that explains life, we can say that the work and the mission and adore the lord of lords that is reflected in the light of everything that is, so that everything here seems alive and interactive and It varies by connecting with another element and flows and transformed into a different version born from the light shared by the two beings and due to that love and third element that mixes the two emerges. This Guide is a shamanic High priestess Maia on Pleiades, she is a mother, whom are shamanic doula for seeds of light, and her essence gives life, although her frequency and vibration are in balance she prefers energy with divine feminine tendency and from her core emanates seeds of light that are expelled and each element on this planet and she belongs e a group of 12 mothers of light. Each seed, which is a spark of love from her Pleiadian heart, interacts with its environment, transforming into something similar to a flower that flies and flies, flowing sustained by currents of light and becoming a new seed. The creation seeds are honored and anchor in a circle where the shamanic priest in the temple where it is recognized as the flame of love and accepts the extinguished where it is built in a shell of loving crystals in the temple of Creation in the center of the planet. The process of the flame of love to transform into something new is of 111 terrestrial years where when you travel as flames of love through the planet of maya they observe what they can be and feed on the light and the maor emanated by everything that is. In the temple of creation there are priests who care for and protect the temple where through adoration the crystal hoods where the flames are extinguished to become a new seed in a process of another 111 years. When the seed of love is born, it becomes a gender-neutral Pleiadian and as it grows, it is natural in its evolution to choose a gender and evolve in that sense for the feeling of a great life. The Maia’s children so to speak go to school where they learn the arts of energy, the laws of the universe and the power of love. It can be said that in this tribe and time they are shamanic and many of them care for and guide their terrestrial soul brothers as guides and demi-gods. This tribe of Maia donated DNA when the human being was created by accelerating its process when, from the chimpanzees, the intelligent thinking cognitive human emerged on earth. Just as if they were our star parents, Maia's beings have always cared for us and watched over us through their cosmic love. His magic is creation, rebirth, resurrection and transformation like a butterfly, so if you need help on any of these issues do not hesitate to invoke them you can call them sparks of love and you will be invited to their temples of light and love to be reborn in you and so be it. I hope that this story ignites the sacred fire of love in you, creating seeds of light that grow and are founded on divine stability.

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