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Galactic art Spirit guide drawing

Hello everyone,

the energy beginning to teach us mastery of love.

The mastery of love begins with Love to review, revisit, re-evaluate - and ultimately reset your emotional and relationship patterns so that you find out what you truly want and those you want to manifest.

Soulmate Contracts, Twin Flames are being reorganized for the purpose of creating further expansion in the heart.

We are remembering that we are quatic beings and in the fifth dimension we tune in when we constantly emanate love if it is so simple.

The purpose is to return to the simplicity of unconditional love and that passionate heart not only in a very powerful healer but also guides us with the wisdom of the old soul directing us to our greatest potential.

I would like to share a guided meditation by the Pleiadians who will help you to open your elevated heart in advance and release that shadow work where the deepest wounds block our expansion.

Love heals everything!

Love heals everything!

The Universe’s frequency is LOVE AND Anything that is not in alignment with the Source will be liberated one way or another… let yourself flow in love.

Everything that is in frequency with this love will not only stay but will flourish and grow two make the impossible possible by seeking a new alignment through the power of love.

“In this light language drawing they spiritual guides are shown finishing the transmission that was made during dreams and where star seeds were exchanged from heart to heart, at the level where all souls are one with the spirit” - this is a translation of what it says in the original alien image that was created with encoded messages.

As humans, we are empowered with the amazing ability to understand and connect with others from just a few words and even fewer pictures, just like light codes. To me this is the best explanation for this first image that is a blending of races. It feels like Sirian, Aquatic, Atlanteans and I am saying 3 races because it was changing form and I could recognize those lifetimes blending and connecting together with this one.

It's a blending of races. It feels like Sirian, Aquatic, Atlantean and I say 3 races because it was changing form as it felt each.

This image mixes 3 of our earthly races blended together. Time and space are not like. We can see/sense when people have lived in parallel times or worlds and seen the same ones. Psychically, this is called Mental Synchronicity.

There are three different Soul extensions blending into one being of light as a guide. The first is the genderless beings that most people think of when they imagine a very neutral balance between masculine and feminine, like those in the science fiction movies. The second is what appears to be a human form Atlantis with nordic type and purple eyes, who many believe look like magicians from another dimension. The third being are more familiar to us blue ray humanoid like from the movie avatar but more human alike then cat style, yet still somewhat mysterious: humans who can shift between genders.

This is a portrait encoded with their frequency in which seed all of their energies then he has merged his essence with his soul by portraying himself in the form of each one of his previous reincarnations representing your quantum self (the aspect of you that is already on fifth dimension.

They are here to help you When you are ready to end the stage they are here to assist you.

“In this image they are shown finishing the transmission that was made during dreams and where star seeds were exchanged from heart to heart, at the level where all souls are one with the spirit.”

This image came through my third eye while I was creating it and I could observe where I was taken during a dream and received by this guide, as well as many others like him, across the galaxy. At the time I had no idea who they were. We were going and I fell asleep. Right when I woke Up The image was clearly and ready to be created.

“We are always waiting for you, on board!” ― Guides Said.

I'm sharing a light language medication to connect with your spirit guides and blaze New light Language Guided Meditation | Pleiades Heart Chakra Light Language Meditation.


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