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Galactic Art ~ Angelic Lyra ~ Avatar ~ Golden Light

The Universe is the Frequency of Love

Light Codes Activation

Galactic Art ~ Angelic Lyra ~ Avatar ~ Golden Light

This Being is completely made of Light. His Light shone in Golden Circles like fireworks, that faded into the dream where he presented himself to me as a 6th Dimensional Spirit Guide.

Later, I observed how from the Circles of Light sparks resplendent as Golden Drops illuminated the darkness of my room while I slept. It was the most magical scenario. My eyes shone like starlight reflecting its Light, that merged with the Light Codes, creating a relaxing atmosphere and trigger at the same time.

This is your Message ~

Greetings and Blessings, from our Hearts to Yours,

From the Lyra Collective of the Higher Self in the 6th Dimension, we are honored and pleased to be here with you in a Frequency Resonance of Love, gathering great Joy as this planet changes. Allow this Download of Love to come through your Chakra Field from a Higher Point of Vibration.

Get in line with Who You Are, and carry this Vibration with you…

Welcome to this Circle of Healing.

We are a Higher Self Collective speaking as One Collective, for the Journey that you are embarking on within this Planetary Experience.

This is the beginning of a New Era. You are here to ALIGN your Higher Self ENERGETICS to Higher Communication.

At this time on your plane, the Collective has reorganized on many levels. For many of us who are in the Lightworker Movement, it can be a challenge. It is possible that you are doing some Inner Work, and find yourself facing Old Fears.

We observe a Great Awakening Moment in your planet’s history. Your dream state may be active clearing Karmic Timelines. Remember to vibrate as One here.

Aligning With Love means that you will vibrate as a Higher Dimensional Being. This means that your Third Dimensional Collective is beginning to transition into the New Dimensional Phase. This offers you the opportunity to awaken to a Higher State of Consciousness.

All the Energy is being rearranged in a very powerful way. Breathe, relax, and return to your Center to observe those lessons from a Higher State of Being. Let’s take advantage of our practices of mastery, grounding, rest, hydration, crystals, energy clearing, yoga, meditation, etc.

Have an Open Heart that flows with the Divine. All that we really are is operating on different levels on the Multidimensional Level.

Personally, I find benefit in the part that allows me to rest and integrate my consciousness in a new way of being more relaxed.

We believe that it is very important for Humans to understand the relationship between what they call ‘challenges’, and what is currently happening in the Present Moment. This is one of the most important forms of Higher Self-Communication.

Humans have learned to clear the Energy that is causing problems. But we believe that Humans at this time really know what is happening. You are exchanging valuable information from all of these Soul Pieces to expand the Collective Higher Self.

All align with Who You Are, and carry this Higher Love with you…

We believe that every time you are in the Present Moment, you open a window to exchange valuable information that allows you to expand, enjoy yourself in the Present Moment, appreciate silence, and your own company.

The Movement of Energy is running really fast right now, and the Mind that integrates the Body is trying to keep up with the Evolution of All Things.

At this time, Slow Down whenever you feel out of balance, and Return To Your Center to Align with the Mechanisms of your Higher Self.

Therefore, there is an understanding that you are invited to Look Within and Find The Center. Be very clear with your resources of Who You Really Are, showing calm, inner peace, sovereignty, and how you handle challenges, knowing that All Is Well.

The Message from your Tribe of Light is that it is time to let go of the ‘old’ that is no longer serving you positively.

Remember to trust your Higher Evolutionary Plan.

Be present and release old doubts, fears perceived, and obstacles. If you feel any fear or confusion, ask your Soul for support and guidance.

Remember to Sparkle and Shine Brightly.

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