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Galactic Art ~ Blue Ray ~ Sirius Alien Race

Galactic Art ~ Blue Ray ~ Sirius Alien Race

Descended from Lyran Ancestors

For Courtney ~ the Storytelling of the Stars

Canis Major ~ Blue Ray

This Guide tells us a story after the destruction of an era, when empires fought for power and supremacy to rule the Galaxy.

We are shown as era where, when Souls separated from the Source, they became somewhat Masculine, but in the aspect where in the desperation of not remembering, the Essence, the Soul, gets lost in the Physical, looking for that which it does not remember what it is and what it seeks ~ a sense of belonging, but from solitude.

It is transmitted to me, how the Emotion floods you, when you feel the Soul that before in the Source does not feel, because it is Everything and Nothing in Neutrality. You find yourself feeling, thinking, believing, trying to find the meaning of ‘What am I?’, and wondering, ‘Where do income from?’. In not remembering, they felt intoxicated in desolation.

These Akashic Records show the Rebirth after this Galactic War, when many Races fought for power, trying to understand the Matrix and the fragmentation of Souls on their way back to the Source.

In Sirius in Canis Majoris, they, guided by the stories of their Lyran Ancestors, decided to learn about their Race ~ their feelings and their thoughts. They began to contemplate their feelings, and to discover the Emanations of Energy, discovering that Everything is Energy.

The Energy in them connects to their Planet and with each Elemental Being, even with their Lyran Guides, already in Ascended Form.

Energy is Everything, and it is In Everything. It connects, repels and attracts. In its collision, the Energy always seeks its Neutral Balance, which is where it lines up with the Source.

Observing the Elders of the Sirians, they decided that it would be their Mission to understand by returning to that Neutrality, where the feeling was the purest and the most wonderful Connection with the Creator. From there, you reconnected with all of those who were like a Sirian, but also with the Outside World without separation, honoring the God In You, but also honoring the God In Everything Else.

In Canis, they discovered that they were One with the Planet. Only through the Connection with themselves and their Planet did they find the Balance to Align in Harmony with Everything Outside.

When they in their Center and Contemplation disdained only to connect with the Source, ignoring the surroundings, their Connection was weak. But when they united with their Tribe and their Planet, the Connection was not only vast and deeply loving, they entered into a Synchronicity, where everyone did the Good for Everyone at the time that it was necessary, and for the Greater Individual Good. This provided the most peaceful Personal Satisfaction, and the Harmony of their Community.

In connection with the Solar Beings of the Central Sun, a Collective was created, where they would safeguard the Wisdom of each Species. Libraries were created, guarded by Angelic Beings in Human and Animal Form. At the same time, some were Humanoid Birds, others Feline-Human, Fish-Human, Dragon-Human, and so on. These Celestial Beings became the Guardians of the Wisdom of God, and aligned themselves with the color Blue, called the Blue Ray. Many other roots identified themselves, and began to collaborate and reorganize the information in what we call the Akashic Records, but they called the Time Grid.

Each Learning charged with Negative or Positive Energy forms a Code, a Symbol, that represents the pattern through which the Light circulates when the Being feels that Vibration (the Thought, Expressed Idea). It is combined with the Frequency that is the sound that Symbol emits in your Energy (created by the Feeling in relation to that Thought).

The Vibration they called Magnetism is defined as: Magnetic Energy, also known as Magnetism. This is the phenomenon that describes the force that generates two Energies to attract or repel each other. This Energy of Magnetic Attraction or Repulsion occurs as a result of the influence of the Magnetic Field of a Vibration, with respect to another that is the Frequency.

The Sirius is called those of the Energy. The Vibration is Masculine, and tends to activate, contract, clean, purify and simplify the Alchemy. It tends to vibrate in one direction, and stagnates if it does not have interaction with the Opposite Polarity, which is the Feminine Frequency.

The Feminine Frequency expands, fragments, creates multiple forms, connects, and opens infinite possibilities for the Vibration to find Neutrality. We can say that it is the Base of Creation, where the Neutrality of the Source can be All That It Is, and infinitely reincorporate itself in the New and the Reborn.

It is there that Sirius becomes not only his Guide to ascend, but also the Guide of many other Races, including the Earth. They are coming to be the Gods from our Ancestors, and inspiring us to reconnect with Gaia, and from there to explore the Galaxy Within, knowing they are Seeds from the Stars.

Remember, the Stardust of your Travels is in your blood. The Memories from your Journeys in the Galaxy are encoded in your Cellular Structure, and your DNA is the Akashic Records of your Soul.

Let your Stellar Heart be the Gateway from the Divine Love of All That You Are. Let it guide you, for you are the Star blinking in the Constellation of your Spirit, traveling across the Universe, finding itself each time in a New Way, but same Heart, as a Starseed of the Creator of All.

May this storytelling seed Stardust to grow radiance, illuminating your Pathway Home, in your Sirius Heart.

With Love,

Your Guides

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Bertha Maldonado
Bertha Maldonado

That's beautiful sweet Gretel 💖💖✨💖✨💖✨💖✨ Loveee it 💞🥰🥰❣️🤍💖💞🙏



telepathy sometimes I ask myself questions .. and here comes answers grethel .. you explain everything in an incredible way

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