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Galactic Art ~ Spiritual Guide Storytelling Flowers Fairy ~ Rose

Galactic Art ~ Spiritual Guide

Storytelling Flowers Fairy ~ Rose

Today I come to remind you of the Magic of Being a Woman, and of Flowers in Love and Mysticism. I am your Spiritual Guide, and I am a Flower Fairy. I am Light, and I am physical, only I live in a Dimension like you, but between the Third and the Fourth. I am hoping to ascend to the Fifth, together with Humanity. I help you in the Earthly World to learn and expand your Being. Also, I learn from you, and together we will merge into a Single Being in the Fifth Dimension.

Today I come to remind you, that just as Flowers are beautiful when they bloom, remember that when you have your Divine Soul anchored in you, that is of intact and healthy value, you value yourself and watch other people flourish.

Blooming in you in every breath, the Feminine Power is the Wise Silence, the starry night, twinkling Stars of Light. It is the Codified Mystery of the Old Soul, that is discovered in each petal of its Flower, with its heavenly healing Aroma and its compassionate softness, nourishing the Soul.

A woman can enter a room, walk with the smell of roses on her feet, and balance the Energy of the World. She doesn’t even have to express her Power. When walking on the Path of her Soul, she knows that nothing claims her. She just flows where she is Power.

You know Who You Are when the Flower opens at dawn, radiant from the warm Sun, and is contemplated, caressed by the Sacred Air, full of Life and Nutrition. There in its garden, it is admired in its soft Power, beautiful Love and Compassion, with the Aroma of Peace, and rooted in it. This means you can simply accept yourself as Beautiful in God’s Garden, and accept the beauty of everyone else, just the way they are.

The Flower lives its life, regardless of how long it blooms. In blooming, it finds its Essence. The adored Flower trusts her wise Heart, and seeing her with Love, knows that she is giving you a Piece of her Soul.

To that Flower, full of Magic snd Mysticism, the Soul cannot be treated lightly. The Love that it bestows upon you must be protected, nurtured, and handled with care.


When you are not sure of blooming in your life, there is Spring, and it is good enough. You align yourself with God, and God will do everything to prove that you are better and better with each sunrise.

Remember that within you is the Perfume of the Wisdom of your Ancestors ~ Goddess Women, who healed with a hug. You, the Mothers, strive to give Love and to flourish with Love ~ being a doctor, counselor, mother and lover. In your deepest and darkest moments, what will really help you is to make a prayer from your Heart, inviting God to come and spread the Seeds of Love that make you blossom into Light.

Bloom like the garden in Spring!

Remember that the best way to form a prayer is when in your meditation, you open the Petals of your Heart and say, ‘Thank you’.

Be the Queen of the garden, and discover what the intimate connection is with your old and wise Soul, and the communication with the Creator of Everything That Is, Has Been, and Will Be, and thus, blooms in you. You will always feel your Spiritual Guide.

Own the Light of your wise Soul every morning, and see the Divinity In You, that is a Gift to the World.

Be proud of yourself, and the Divinity and Honor of Being a Woman!

With Love,


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Thank you! 🙏❤️✨

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