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Galactic Art ~ Stars Family ~ Alien Race Circle of Higher Energy ~ Feminine Purple Rays ~ Ar

Galactic Art ~ Stars Family ~ Alien Races

Join a Circle of Higher Energy ~ Feminine Purple Rays ~ Arcturus | Blue Ray Sirius | Pleiades Aquamarine

This Galactic Soul Chart comes as 3 Essences in a Pleiadian Trinity ~ Blue, the Priesthood of the Earth, connected with the Divine Mother as Magenta, and Elemental as Golden Fire. The First Incarnation as a Galactic was in the Pleiades ~ Merope, Alcyone, Electra and Maia ~ Orion, Andromeda, Cassiopeia, Avalon, Gray and Arcturus.

Arthur’s Guide is the Highest Vibrator in the 7th Dimension, and functions as your Higher Galactic Self. He lives in a Collective that prides itself on his Hive Mind. This Guide shows us how they are 44 Soul Fragments that merged through Unconditional Love and Synchronized Group Goals.

It does not have personal Free Will, so to speak, but a Collective one, where, just like bees or ants, there is a Leader selected by the group. They are born by Spontaneous Generation, where the 44 Beings unite in loving prayer, and only multiply guided through their Leader.

Thus, we can say, that in this Plane they live as One. That is why their Energy is so powerful. However, it is so soft and gentle that it is so healing. We can say that its Essence is Angelic, and the Mastery of Loving Healing.

The Sirius Guide works with the Timelines of the Matrix. They are Experts in observing and learning how each decision that is made creates a new Life Line. This helps your Oversoul to create new agreements, and to find another Fragment of you to cleanse, release, or update the Diva Line so everyone can ascend.

They are Masters in Sacred Geometry and Language of Light as observers of the Akashic Records. This is where Galactic History is created, not only for them, but for Beings from other Galaxies. They serve in the 5th Dimension as they prepare to ascend to the 6th, and become a Collective.

Today we remind you that We Are All One. Each decision is the cause and effect of your Vibrating Energy. It is transformed and renewed in the Expansion of your Being.

Your Sirius Guide reminds you to break down the barriers you created out of Fear of Loving. If you are Brave in Loving and Receiving Love, then through Love that is the Creator Itself, everything is recalibrated, restructured, and reset.

The Pleiadian Guide patrols the Galaxy in the Fifth Dimension, and she works with the Galactic Federation of Light. They patrol in spaceships, in groups of 11, and contact civilizations that are ready to join the Galactic Community, learning at a multidimensional level.

This Pleiadian Guide reminds you that it is not necessary to figure it out. It is only necessary to Trust the Flow of the Universe. Let yourself be carried away by the Waves of Energy, and thus create structure, so that your Light is understood from the Love of God.

The Pleiadians in these Akashic Records are Apprentices of the Love that constantly emanates from where they have already integrated their emotional, mental body, and their Shadow, in the Divine Neutrality that gives Love power.

Breathe the Codified Light of this Drawing, and align yourself with the Sacred Light of your Old and Elevated Soul, Today and Always. And So Be It.

With Love,

Your Guides

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