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Galactic Blueprint Activation

Galactic Blueprint Activation | Guided Meditation | Encoded Frequency

Awakening your cosmic creation in you is Power.

When you awakens to your infinite spirituality, in some way, your family and friendship circle changes cosmic alchemy because you don't have many things in common.

Starseeds especially have a tendency to feel like they are on the wrong planet from childhood as your magic is sensitive and the world vibrates for you with another color that seems unseen by the outside world.

Awakening your galactic and divine soul is seeing beyond the vast and apparent, by feeling or seeing sparkling magic in the clouds and signs of the galaxy in the stars.

His silence speaks and your skin feels that it has access to a quantity of universal information that guides you and warns you in the unknown where your light will shine brightest. That is how to become a superhero.

It is pure magic that flashes from your divine entrails of an old and galactic soul.

Decisions that are no longer small-minded in your life, you begin to think outside the box of society and your starry spirit guides on a different path. Each of us is where we are choosing to be and letting your galaxy shine in your essence is a very brave decision.

There will be those who try to dim your light and it is because awakening entails a certain degree of making us responsible for your fears, traumas, your voice and what you believe should be and create your lake.

Validating your path comes from you, from your center, from your power as a sovereign being and not from what is validated about you outside of your being. “We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.”

― Anais Nin

When you move to a higher path aligned with the starlight in your eternal soul releasing your authenticity without waiting to be approved by the world that is power, power in your divinity.

Being at peace with who you are and who you want to be is sovereign power in your loving center.

Where you dwell in the higher vibe that what you what to do is part of the greater evolution of your stellar soul and the ones in your life that drop of for you life is because they are not choosing to be in the same soul work and that should be respected.

However, being in your power is anchoring yourself in your peaceful center where with divine neutrality in your loving heart you lead the universe in every decision with spiritual power where you know how to align yourself with love, good for everyone.

Being so if you feel trapped in a low toxicity moment and if something moves you in the highest in your life, it is the definition the greatest gift for others, so if the call of your soul is to step out of that room, is the greatest gift for them is to see that you left the room.

Feel good for who you are in your spiritual power in aligning yourself with who you are, and be lovingly aware of what you want to become, letting the luminous starry universe shine in you divinely and stellar.

I hope that these words make the twinkling star of your soul shine and be a starry sky at night that guides your walk for your greatest good and the highest good of all and so be it,

with love grethel

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