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Galactic Guide Drawing

My Guide Drawing

Divine Masculine Activation

Beloved one, Call forth all beings of light and the ability that you have in to bring a cloak of light to heal the Divine Masculine shining light codes during this transmission. Where we are all one at this moment as you breathe and relax into your breath. So deeply and profoundly during these shifts on earth. And Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine harmonizing.

Relax and center as we will ask you to remember who you really are. Walk back into the divine masculine and bring the identity that is the divine god within and decide how to heal. The light in you was specifically interested in what new light codes or higher light frequencies had come through the image. New light codes or higher light frequencies.

There are codes of light he is being upgraded to receive as he remembers his truth. As the universe glows within as a warrior of the light and father, druid, brother, angel, son, star being, and God in action Your divine masculine is a solid part of your identity and your soul energy as it is moving into a new dimensional space.

He is gaining his new sense of power that is balanced with love and standing tall as the self. It is honored in balanced ways where once he felt he could not. The energy of all the things and the divine breath is with you now.

As you rewire your heart and the inner child heals, he sets boundaries for what is right for himself.

Although he will assert himself, he no longer will feel the need for violence and attacks.

Know your peace and recognize the Divine Masculine is moving into his divine form, and he stands as a powerful angelic warrior to protect what he loves and brings about a balance to earth. The divine masculine in alignment no longer needs to lower himself to anything.

It is simply just honoring the experience. As calm and peace becomes, it is best structured, strongly unbreakable, supporting the love, the being, in a constant flow. The divine masculine shifting lovely, to be the god in action, there is no manipulation but rather a genuine strength within to be unique and comes from the place of a divine being. He has no need to control, abuse, inspire fear in others.

For this inner power is about the healing of humanity. It knows it’s worth The Divine Masculine naturally embodies light.

As this light does emanate a new speed of vibration purifying what was and it is fully restored in this moment of infinite potential healing is occurring, all that has held him back from his truth is being cleared away at a cellular level. sending waves of love and blessings my beloved child of the light

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