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Galactic Guide Tiger

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

The new Divine Masculine energy is intrepid, brave, and loyal, it also becomes a guardian and protector and that the energy of this full moon on the 28th day in Leo and Leo is brave of the Heart and is will be very active on January

When in balance, it does not harm anyone or anything it connects with your loving and caring heart

His gentle strength brings us harmony and peace where there are conflict and separation. He knows the power of it, but he doesn't abuse it or do it wrong.

This energy is leading and courageous, to tell the truth, even if others disagree but at the same time it is humble and does not need validation outside of itself and that is the new sexy.

See men who are open to be vulnerable, sensitive, like to explore and enter new territories.

It is admirable to see a divine masculine who believes and trusts in yourself and you should know that you will be successful if your intention is clear and your actions aligned.

A distorted Divine Masculine energy rots suffocate, is afraid of failing, or uses his power to control others and is what is vibrating in the collective to be transmuted

So let's go back to a lead gentle brave heart vibrating in Love...oh yeah and with all that movement in the collective, it is good today to connect to the synergy created by this balance of a divine masculine in balance that catalyzes the forces of creation in manifestation.

This January we must let the strength of the heart lead in love.

if you want to connect with the Lyran energy I invite you to listen to this light language recording that will bring the courageous feline frequency within to sparkle love

Shed a love Dear ones

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