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Galactic light Codes

This Galactic image is a healing chamber in Antares and it looks like the code on the image below. Between rainbow crystalline Diamond light. Antares represents both higher dimensional beings and a gateway to access the galaxy of Andromeda.

Souls all over other galaxies that desire to incarnate in our galaxy journey into the gateway of the Antares and this being of the Diamond light function as bridge from our galaxy and beyond.

This Soul Code with the Antares’s essence represents the guidance of being of light who are keepers of the wisdom in the Galaxy they work directly with the time grid and the central sun the law or one collective

This code also come to connect with the crystalline temples underground in the center of the planet Earth when all the kingdoms of Gaia and inter dimensional beings collide into the crystalline light of the sentient Gaia.

Meditation Going Back to Light | Light language Meditation

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