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GNOMO - Spiritual guide - Galactic Art - Elemental is anchoring the spirit in your Love.

GNOMO - Spiritual guide - Galactic Art - Elemental is anchoring the spirit in your Love. This is a Guide who is associated with the element of earth and among his many realms miracles occur in elemental ethereal magic, where there are shifts in perception that bring us closer to the magic of the elemental realms. When biological life begins in Gaia, this gnome shows us many time lines where it ended in apocalypse and Gaia was renewed again in a linear and temporal thought. At some point, elemental beings were about to ascend and decided to stay to continue learning and evolving with humanity, but at an ethereal level and rarely visible to our eyes, only living in urban legends and deciding to appear to some humans with special abilities to see them. It comes to me in a world where I don't know if I dream where I dream that I sleep in a state of injured reality where, like Russian dolls, I go deeper into the dream where I only wake up with the eyes of the spirit anchored in the wisdom of the eternal soul. It's like when you watch a television channel, it doesn't mean that the other companies don't show their content. In fact, they all do it at the same time and I, in my power of decision, can change the channel to the one I like the most, and my body is like that. Anchor in a channel only and the spirit is anchored by the body, time, mind, history and the collective that's around you tells you where you are. So, when you close the eyes of your face and open the eyes of your spirit, your house of thought will create a reality on a level not recognized by the outside world but that brings you into the magic of life. So how do you tune into this channel you might be wondering? Well, through your service in love and happiness being the master of your kingdom, the kingdom of the mind and the mastery of love and allowing you to unlearn what you think you know and opening yourself to new possibilities where you see beyond the apparent. So, on this channel, in a very old Europe where the countries we know were small kingdoms that coexisted with the mystical beings that we now, only see in legends cohexistia, a magical relationship and a contrast between the magical and the real. Activated portals in specific places were bridges between the two worlds, however, magic attracted power and power turned off the heart and gave way to strength and wisdom where beings from both worlds decided to use that wisdom for their own benefit.He decided that the day and the man had more value and was the one capable of governing, commanding, controlling and creating rules, government and religions to control those who decided to be controlled. Insecure men decided to turn off their feeling, intuition and only use thought in order to get rid of remorse and in a colder way exalt power and subjugate anyone who dared to use the power of the psychic and intuition. So that night was associated with the dark, the dangerous, the mystical, the sorcery, the unknown and the woman would only be used to procreate making her believe that she was worth less and that she only knew how to nurture her family. An imbalance was created, the father sun stopped talking to the moon and Gaia sank into the center of the earth. The elemental beings knocked down the bridges and closed the portals because the man threatened to experience him and use him to do evil. Few dark elementals wanted to be punished in the middle of the terrestrial plane and they were given many names that give them more power than they really have, because the truth is that they desperately seek to return to the origin of the uncreated in order to be reborn. A veil was created as beings from many distant galaxies and planets with different agendas also participated in the chaos and the lord of lords, the angels of angels and king of kings got angry and forbade the manipulation of external sources. Some of us decided to be born as humans in order to be able to connect with everything and veil and transmit our magic and abundant vibration to humans. Many stories were made in the multiplicity of timelines and not only the earth was divided but divided in order to divide the load and be reborn from the light where each one has invite the darkness with mercy and compassion creating the space of love where we are one and the one is the whole.

There is no God that punishes that is an invention but the god does seek a correction of each distortion created, the god in you and me seeks to be reborn, recreate and resurrect; that is beloved hunamo, the next step in our journey. Go inside yourself where you find the spark of faith, listen in the silence where the word of god, the god within you follows the path of the stars and constellations drawn on your skin with freckles and moles. From within and I feel the support of your bones, they with the minerals of the stars and be immaculate just as mother Mary impregnates herself alone be hers, her light and her holy spirit called metaphor of true past that represents the healthy divine feminine that invites you to reborn inside and impregnated you with the spirit of god and anchor the light until you become holy.

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