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Goddess Avatar Drawing ~ Moon light codes

Goddess Avatar Drawing ~ Moon light codes Divine freedom light codes from high priestesses. The moon is a key for Manifestation as you set your intentions in the new moon they grow and amplified their frequency encoded during full moon. Tune into the moon light and create a ritual for activating the magnetic magic in you as you anchor your spirit. This is the essence of the soul it was shown to me as your team agreed it was helpful for your journey. High priestess comes today with the gift of divine freedom to bring relaxation to what is in the present moment. Within your soul group I saw Your higher self who accompanied your light tribe formed by ancestors, soul family and star beings, very Sirius, who influenced By the moonlight who is aligned with this lifetime somehow. Different aspects of the soul merge to create the best connection and message. She showed me a goddess, a very classy, elegant and luxurious one. We were on the heavens . She looked on top of a portal with crystal codes by her side and soft energies of flowers around her head as a crown.

The heart was also being activated as your soul merged with your higher self, a very high priests one. Showing the divine feminine as her look since its in reality genderless. The energy felt smooth, soft pinks, lavender, and silver intermingled with golds and oranges at the energy activating your codes and creating the connection between higher aspects and physicality. The first step it's you recognize your glow, the radiance of your soul and the magnificent of your journey through eons. Essentially your soul feels vastness, infinite glorious stunning glowing that was hard to express on the image. This is the message your soul has chosen Freedom is not doing what you want when you want. It means the feeling of being in harmony when it doesn't depend on something to be. Completely releasing everyone from the responsibility to give you what you already have. It is a beautiful blending and feeling of your wellbeing when it is not dependent on any external source. Completely releasing anybody to any obligation to my wellbeing. Set them free, that is freedom and it is a beautiful mixture about taking care of yourself and taking care of others. All freedom is taking your own power and because in reality no one can give you what you actually are. Your inner well being is your own responsibility and that opens the door for intimacy and to reconnect on a different level in a level of appreciation and neutral appreciation for any party.

You open the door to connect into a different level where every individual has differences and from a place where both are giving and not from a place each individual is lacking. Freedom is when I allow others to be who they are and from my place only comes a place from appreciation and recognition that my self of wellbeing is recognized by the freedom and to me extent to recognize the freedom in others. With love, Guides. ———- On Mon 14 Mar 2022 at 9:55 Encoded Frecuency <> wrote: Sure, I'd be happy to! many blessings El dom, 13 mar 2022 a las 22:21, MandyLee (<>) escribió: Hi!!! My darling,Dear Grethel: I received a very exciting message from my intuition! I'd like to invite you to do it for me to customize the light drawing of the Queen. You don't have to paint exactly like me. You can follow this channel which give you the image, According to the footage on this channel. Thank you so much! Mandy

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