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Goddess frequency Guide

My drawing of light - Goddess Divine Soul and loving creation Codes of Light Greetings of light from our hearts to yours, I am. Kani and i speak to you see your ancestors and I am part of your spiritual team now We will speak to you as a spiritual being and guide you by being your soul family group, all in a strong wave of light and love. We would like that each time you remember this image, you allow yourself to enter the light of your Divine Soul in loving creation ... Receive a wave of help that illuminates your divine soul in loving creation. Right now the energy is very sensitive and it really brings an activation to your loving heart. These codes of light activate your loving heart in Alignment with your Divine Soul, being more creative and opening you to the possibilities where your Divine soul inspires you. Embrace the present moment with grace and gratitude ... It's time to go through the most magical doors, it's here ... ⠀ It is only about claiming loving creation And opening the doors within and before you to allow loving creation. ⠀ Take your unique path forward now, in alignment with love, in the way that best serves you to create a beautiful loving creation full of love. It is really about looking for love everywhere and leading the loving creation that falls in love with life itself. Lean on to move past what happened in the past by tuning in to the vibration of love that is all around you now. Choosing to tune in to gratitude as loving creation, optimism, and positivity will help you find the blessings of life that are already present everywhere ... Clearing your mind and awakening your heart center is also key. ⠀ Honoring multidimensional nature and freeing myself from perceived walls and barriers by keeping your expression confined ... Allow yourself to be a loving creation! Learn to adapt to change and start the inspiration of real dreams in the physical creation as loving! May our love embrace you today, dear loving creation and always and so be it.

With love and blessings The Guides

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