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Gold light codes of light

Golden Wayerfall of Light #BlueprintCode

It is necessary to heal everything that weighs, all guilt, all resentment, everything that makes you a heavier person.

Gaze at this image see yourself in it and command to shift.

This process doesn't happen if you hold on, it will be much easier if you trust your strength and intelligence that causes things to be born and reborn.

What's the most radically healing thing you could do for yourself today?




Let’s take responsibility to get exactly what we need in the moment and the ability to shift and change

All is energy......

I will meditate in the shower and visualize gold honey liquid light that infuse myself with light abundantly

And I will Share a light language transmission to support the ones that feel guided as an energetic abundant Gold light infusion of codes of light.

Hold the light!

And notice every time you feel the lower density is the barometer to feel and know is time for a shift into the light.

Going back to our center over and over until is part of us innately

May your day be fill with gold light abundantly and placing yourself where you are meant to be to flow as Divine Human

Hold your breath and shift intertwining gold light as your Soul Coreas in múltiple realities combined with many other as Source

Make the Choice to Shed a Light

Guided in the way you must flow today in the moment

Let your Soul taking Command and lead you gently showing you the Divine Plan

Shed a light today dear one 🤍

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