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Grounding light language

Hello beloved Souls,

today I invite you to Connect with Gaia and our ancestors and Open and create new points of receptivity, in this Amazing healing journey of restructuring, re-forming, and creation of a new space, where this no fear, Only Love.

Enter the Kingdom of Gaia, and bringing in the Light of Source so bright, you allow a new paradigm of physicality to emerge.

When Ground and connect with Gaia we carry the ancient truths of our collective past and transcend them into our future allowing old genetic beliefs or denser vibrations to fall away.

inner wisdon thatprovides a guiding light rooting strongly into your multi-dimensional Gaia, as you receive, celebrate, and shine vibrantly in the Self you were born to be!

Reclaim today the wismod of your Soul and you relax into the soothing frequencies of mother Gaia...

We could be worlds apart, but we could be together, sharing the same stars, same galaxy, and same love for peace and harmony. 💖 Relax well tonight. 🌙

with love and blessings Grethel

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