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Guardians of Peace, light Language Encoded Art

Galactic ArtI Spiritual Guide Guardian of Peace I Rohi

Guardians of peace are beings of an angelic nature who live in the realm of the spirits and are like warriors of light. This is represented as a being with the original essence of the earth, like a mystic, a priest with an angelic essence, but more like a brotherhood.

These warriors use prayers, peace and love as the banner of their movement and they explain to us that all wars begin with a disagreement and Peace represents neutrality where opposites coexist.

Peace is leaving what is expected to happen and open up to what the universe shows you.

Divine peace begins by putting yourself in the shoes of the right side and finding the middle ground between what each side wants from the other to mediate a solution.

Peace is a state of being.

Everyone has different sides of what is right, the other will be wronged, even when seen from another perspective.

So when is it right? Respecting the way others are is honoring anyone's free will to choose what to believe!

Peace begins with listening from the heart.

Righteousness comes from deep insecurity and you feel the need to control in every possible way.

Correcting is also a way to manipulate the result. However, when you disagree with an opinion, the first step is to validate the point of view of others and see if you can add more insight to yours.

Peace is created without being sought, it is not found, it is only!

Before the answer, take a breath and take a couple of seconds to be aware of what seems correct to answer.

Ultimately, you can only control how you react. It takes awareness and it takes time to get vomited to be in your concession mentality.

Correcting another is forcing them to indulge your ways without respecting the boundaries of others and healthy boundaries either way.

Correction is your own mechanism for protection against anything you are not ready or willing to face with loving awareness.

Perhaps peace will flow as things evolve, trusting in life as you are living it.

Living in peace in times of conflict is the flag and philosophy of each teacher. May the peace that guides and enlightens.

Sending peace and love; the guides

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Bertha Maldonado
Bertha Maldonado
Dec 05, 2022

Beautiful sweet Grethel beautiful vibrations ❤️🙏💖💞✨✨💞🌈❤️🙏❤️✨💖❤️🙏🙏❤️thank you so much 💖💞💖💞

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