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Happy Equinox!

Today is our Equinox.

This date initiates the beginning of spring in the North and the passageway into autumn for the South

And more than that invite me a to bloom and bring the New Light This Equinox represents the days and nights are of equal measure....inviting us to find balance

Remember Equinoxes are portals known to be a time of magic and mysticism, where we can reconnect with higher light

We are in the midst of an opening from the cosmos injecting Plasmic light to helps us to find equilibrium between the light and dark by strengthing the light with higher Consciousness

Wherever you live it means day abs night are in equilibrium as a representation for light and dark, old and New and at the same time where the veils between heaven and earth are lifted.

It’s also the greatest opportunity to connect with our families from the heavens and the galaxy and source guidance, healing or to receive activation in our support

Today also marks a transition...leveling up Humanity deepening into our light as a collective

I want to remind you today we have our free event Channeling Lemurians and our Galactic families st 1:00 pm mountain time I share the link below

Let your light to shine bright!

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