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Healing Plants

simple way to heal and ground in 2 minutes

Yes, we can heal or ground through a connection with plants.

How is that?

We can designate a plant to be connected to our Auric Field. Then, through Intentions, her roots will be your roots, her sunlight will purify your light. Through her water you can restore your body’s water.

This is a new technique that came through a month ago, and I have been practicing to ground in this way.

Now I’m having dreams with my plant. I don’t quite understand her, but what I can understand is that we are finding ways to support each other.

The ones who follow my Live Broadcasts might have noticed that I invite the Flower Collective and ask them to root us all.

Well, that is another technique.

Some of you have asked me, “How can I ground if I live in the snow?”

You can easily do so through Intention, and then it is create in our Mind.

Yes, our Mind can be a great support (when it is in balance).

A Healing Plant can be any plant that you buy or already have.

Steps to Heal with your Plant ~

1 ~ Sit with your Plant or Tree

2 ~ Open your Heart

3 ~ Ease your Mind

4 ~ Set your Intention

5 ~ Ask your Higher Self for Support

6 ~ Trust that It Is Done

**Extra Tip ~ you can add a Code and/or a Crystal. Be creative and have fun ✔️

I hope these tips are helpful 🍀

Shed a Light.

My plants

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