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Higher Self Drawing 🤍

My drawing of the light - Ava Angelic Codes of Light Codes of Light Greeting and blessings my beloved Dearest beloved You are most powerful when you ground your energy into the new light and harmonize with your mother earth I am Ava from the Violet flame angels we do connect with Saint Germain, lady Portia, lady Hope, Archangel Zadkiel and galáctico y with Arcturus

We are seeder of earth and her guardians and now we invite you to enter our healing circle ....use your intentions

We are here in a circle of love and light as a the Angel in you glows love and merges into one that represents pure source consciousness where the image stream light codes for healing, serenity, balance, and vibration alignment as you relax into your breath bring New earth codes of light feel the galaxy in the higher light, work your light, befriend with your shadow as you cool down your negative emotions and go back into the feeling of traveling lighter Now more than ever, you have an immense opportunity to experience fast spiritual growth, and to step into living in alignment with the truth of who you authentically are and why you’re really here. each and every person and now and from the end of time can connect to relief the suffering from the world and isn't just the longing of the end of a struggle it also includes that humans can connect with the freshness and clarity of their own mind and heart and cut suffering from their roots and tune into the newness and lightness of this new light while working with your new stuff and heaviness and release your own ways to get a hook and traps to release the suffering from the world and align with high living if you feel hook, release the burden We call this high vibrational living, and it is available to you now. The truth is You are so much more than just a physical being there is deepening in the rise of your spirit as human anchoring the love You are a powerful spiritual being, connected to love, light, and spirit. tune into the presence of your light and shift into Angelic living at the moment being present in your center breath the galaxy anchor the light and gather the momentum to tune to a Angelic living drop all heaviness and release the old as you the light of your higher self, and the love, presence, and frequency of the Divine so you can make this shift into alignment with your true Divine light now With love, light, and gratitude, Ava

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