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Higher self Drawing

Higher Self Drawing ~ call in the Divine Masculine - Gold Ray and Gold Human Collective for the New Earth and bond with the Central Sun

This Higher Self looks young as it represents an old soul but from the future that will represent the new humanity where humanity is created in its timeline. Human beings will vibrate in the Fifth Dimension, the aura turns with a golden edge that represents the energy of Christ Consiousness and at the same time it will integrate Solar Codes that when ascending they become golden humans.

This is where this Higher Self has its own goals, assisting humanity to integrate the higher dimension and the Galactic races. This is a collective form in which the Higher Self assists Gaia on creating new timelines and choosing the path for evolution.

The image on the back represents the Central Sun and the fact that it looks young is because it is linked to the New Earth. This Higher Self is the representation of your God and is the guardian of every aspect of your Soul and when you return to Source it will receive your experience and file it in your Akashic Records to create the wisdom of your infinite Soul.

Your Higher Self is your complement and in this case it comes from the Golden Ray and is connected to the golden húnamo that will be activated when we go into the fifth dimension. It will be like a Human Council of Light on your lifeline. Today it reminds us of what the Divinity of God is in masculine form.

Today his message is to honor and balance the Divine Masculine and complement it with the Divine Feminine and achieve the magnetic resonance of the Fifth Dimension through Unconditional Love that constantly emanates through each collective on Earth.

Call on all beings of Light and the ability within you to bring a blanket of Light to heal the brilliant Divine Masculine Light Codes during this transmission. Where we are all one in this moment as you breathe and relax into your breath. So deep and deep during these Earth changes.

And the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine harmonizing where the Divine Feminine works with the upper heart chakras and the Divine Masculine with the lower ones creating the function and stability for the Divine Feminine to expand, channel and anchor the new Light.

When the Divine Masculine is not stable and in harmony the Divine Feminine cannot channel the Maor of Source and distortions are created when visualizing this drawing and imagining yourself in this temple during meditation your Soul will be back to the stable Divine Masculine and bring the identity that is the Divine God within and decide how to heal.

Christ in you was specifically interested in what new Light Codes or higher frequencies of Light had come through the image. These Light Codes help you tune in to the influx of Crystalline Light flowing through the Christed Core and unlocking from deep within Gaia...

They help you to free yourself from the Restrictions and Limitations of the Past, to more fully embody and shine forth the Christ Consciousness through your Unique Life Expression.

The Energy is incredible...but it quickly reveals and dislodges deeply repressed Wounds, Traumas and Emotions, both on an Individual and Collective scale.

Collectively we stand on the brink of a new way of BEING...

On the verge of truly entering New Levels of Joy, Vibrant Well-Being and Light...

Returning to Love, expanding to Higher Levels of Consciousness.

Merging with the Love and Light of your Higher Self from within the Physical...

You are the Remedy and the Cure, the Solution and the Problem, the Void and the Whole, the Bottom and the Top, always connected, always evolving and creating more Alchemy of Light.

Remember that here we go day by day, step by step, creating an Alchemy of Abundance, to feel One with the Source of Light within you.

From our Heart to yours,

Golden Human Collective 💫

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