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Higher self Message Spiritual Art

Higher Self - Angelic - Spiritual guide - Fifi Angels ~ Storytelling

This Higher Self felt like a wave that boarded me with flickering Light Codes in my Crown Chakra. It made me feel as a frequency of pure gold consciousness,.. angelical as very elemental at the same time.

The Higher Self is Gods aspect in you....The Divine piece in you. Everyone in your oversoul has one reflection of the same Higher Self who is the One who receives you when you transcend.

Higher Self is the one who will store the lessons from each life in the Akashic Records, and you are the extension in which Higher Self evolve as the aspect of God.

Simply, the Energy shifts and it can be felt as dizziness since we are not used to it. It can be experienced so relaxing, we may feel like taking a nap. It feels expansive, pleasant.

If we resist because we are not used to it, the Energy can get stagnant and cause inability to stay grounded and we may feel alienated.

The present Higher Self is the one of many, and we may have many elevated aspects as we reach higher aspects of the oversoul. We may have the Angelic one, the Shamanic one, the Alien one, as an example; however above them could be one higher perhaps who holds all of them.

Who will show up to you?

It's an Energy wave of Pure Source Consciousness hard to describe. Mine may look like many faces with the same Energy brand. The aspect that has looks like a Royal Angel and is the One who leads everything we experience in a way, who holds all our Akash as the Akash from our Soul Family, who knows our contracts, agreements, past, future, etc.

Others may have other descriptions all are valid. I'm describing what I have sense with mine and yours.

It senses as many Souls, which merge all together, many hearts, many experiences beyond our own comprehensive consciousness.

The Higher Self feels the representation of our God in motion.

The character of the Energy is strong.. but at the same time it's so beautiful it's hard to describe in human words.

It senses as LOVE, but we don't enanated here, like a piece of Heaven we simultaneously connect in a way our bodies handle the Energy.

Breath the Energy in..... Sink in your higher aspect, feel it. Recognize it,...OWN it!

In every breath remember you are connecting with him.

Let her take command and lead you, drop the control and just surrender to your own Soul wisdom and knowledge from eons ago.

open the Cosmos relay in your Heart, vast greater wisdom, unlimited access to your abundant relay on your connection with your Higher Self.

She is the doorway to the openness as the transcission of thee Soul.

Trust! Embrace your inner world the way it came today to help you in your endeavors.

Shine the higher Light, Love Compassion, Healing and God Himself, and break through the density of the old story. Bring something positive. Fulfill yourself with the Highest Divine possibilities for your life!

Instantly cleanse your energy, eliminate stress and tension. Raise your vibration and reconnect with your highest Divine Path of Light.

The present moment is perfect...

To clear your energy field, raise your vibration and illuminate the highest Divine Path of Love, Joy and Blessings that are within You.

Rise in the Divine Golden Light Frequency.

Experience a deep Energy cleanse

Bring Blessings and Golden Healing Energy to your Physical Body.

Receive Cellular Healing.

Reconnect with your Inner Core of Light.

Raise your vibration.

Cleanses and rejuvenates your Aura.

It embodies Peace, Blessings and Light.

Illuminate your Highest Divine Qualities

Illuminate Your Highest Divine Path,

As you listen, you will experience a profoundly beautiful transmission of Golden Light to uplift your Energy and cleanse your being on all levels.

Open yourself to feel, know and experience firsthand how loved, guided and supported You really are.

Let the brilliance of your Soul shine.

Next, a key component to aligning with the higher self

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