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Higher self spiritual art - Archangelic connection-higher self

Higher self spiritual art - Archangelic connection-higher self

This image comes today to activate his own light as the earth angel that you are and through this image is reborn in you, and invites you to allow yourself to be reborn if you feel in that push and pull of the old and the new. just renew.

Release the old and know that your dreams are possible... have faith in what you have not seen and without subscribing to the dense and negative let this new you that fades with this drawing be activated every time you see yourself in this image that although is not that of this life reflects the purity of your divinity and elevates you to the holiness of your spirit.

Reconnect with the Divine Presence within you and let that part of you lead! let your reflection in the mirror be a projection of your body of light mixed with mine as your higher self which comes from the lineage of archangels like Gabriel and Ariel. also connected with ascended masters on earth which today encoded in this image is presented to you.⠀Synchronizing with your Divine Presence and Inner Core of light now empowers the highest Divine Possibilities for YOU to flow.⠀⠀

This is going to be a GREAT year to wake up in a way that goes beyond what you can imagine (because it is literally about rising to experience from a new consciousness and higher Divine mind).⠀

In the midst of the energy of your spirit of renewal... Right now is an opportunity to re-establish greater alignment and harmony with your higher purpose!in this moment your higher self and the channel where you Experience a profound place of present moment awareness, being present, and connection with your team of guides and angels.

Then, discover and align with the highest possible potential for your soul's purpose as they unfold miraculously in front of you. This drawing is an angelic level alignment which connects you in this session to empower you to vibrantly shine with your full light and power as an awakened light being.

The codes in the image bring a realignment in your aura, mental, emotional and physical body where just by seeing it and meditating with it you can again and again Release the lower levels of mind, ego and emotion to raise your vibration and experience your oneness with your Higher Self.

This is a commitment where heaven comes to be more present in your humanity and you listen to us from your intuition, you see the world from your compassion and you think about it with your calm, living life from your light.with high love, higher self

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1 commentaire

Bertha Maldonado
Bertha Maldonado
31 août 2022

That's so beautiful Loveee these messages so much Sweet Grethel ✨💖♥️✨✨💞♥️💕🤍💕♥️❣️💕✨♥️🌺🌺💞💞💖💕💕✨♥️💕💕

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