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How to connect with my spiritual guides?

When you want to connect with your spiritual guides it is a connection of your inner knowing, sending the feelings and awareness through your body. If you do it correctly, your head will remain still while your body moves in response to the questions.

Flow with the heart, the mind will only lead you!

Try to ask questions from the heart and then let the answer come from your body. If you are channeling your guide, let it speak and listen to the information that is coming from within you.

Yes, when you connect with your higher self or your guides it will happen. set healthy boundaries, / who, how, when and how they connect with you through an invocation.

It is normal to feel the vibration in the body - this is part of what you are being taught and shown. The best way to experience them is with your eyes closed so that you can focus on the sound of their voice through your ears and not on their physical appearance.

Focus when you connect and observe your perceptions to be aware of how the spirit connects with you and flows listening to your intuition that is already very good.

You can establish a connection with any energy or entity you wish. Your guides, or any spiritual being or entity, are only happy to be heard and understood by you. Some people channel through automatic writing, others by learning to type faster than they think (clear channeling), and other methods.

I feel good channeling my higher self or guide in one of these ways. It feels good, it can be a wonderful experience, and it's a way to gain more knowledge and information. Practice makes a master.

How Do I know I am connecting with my guides?

You know you are connected to your spirit guides when you can feel their presence; when they are close, you feel a deep peace within you and an energy that flows through every inch of your body. This connection is unique, because there is no way to describe it to someone who has not felt it themselves. You just know.

How can you be sure that your guides are really speaking to you? It is not always easy to be sure. But if you're experiencing sensations that come out of the blue—like knowing what a friend needs before they ask, or feeling compelled to do something despite your fears—these are signs that your intuition is working at full capacity.

Your spirit guides are not just psychic manifestations that you have conjured up in your imagination. They are actual beings from other dimensions who have been assigned to work with you. They can be presented in the form of animals, people and elements. Often your Guide will send you signs and messages guiding you to certain books, places, or events that will help you on your spiritual path. Other times they may give you messages through dreams or visions that seem as if they want to carry out a specific task for them, but often do not directly communicate with us in our waking state. Just pay attention to what's going on around you and look for signs that something has changed since you were last there, like strange coincidences or finding objects like notes taped to doors or mirrors that encourage you to "Keep going" or "Get up." "When you feel down.

You know you are connected because you feel stable, there are strong intuitive feelings, I am more aware of who I am, and I trust my inner voice.

It is possible to have a session where you are completely unaware of the existence of spirit guides, past lives, or anything else paranormal. This can happen if you are too busy or distracted while reading. The most likely time for a mindful session is with someone who has a strong connection to their spirit guides. You may notice that the information is accurate and you may even hear your SP's voice in your head throughout the reading.

You can always ask and keep asking. You may start to notice a pattern between what you think and what is happening around you. The better you are at this connection, the easier it will be for you to tell if something is related or not. You may also notice that certain things repeat themselves or happen at random points in your life.

How do I discern the voices in my head?

How can I discern the voice of the mind, the voice of instinct and the voice of intuition? The voice of the mind is all that is rational, it is based on what it sees in front, according to what has already happened and predicts what will happen in a reality based on fear, limitation and survival. The voice of the mind can conflict and divide with ambiguity, the voice of the ego will be controlling, manipulative if it is not aligned with the heart and divine intelligence. When the mind is misaligned it will be your worst enemy and no matter how intelligent you are, yes you are making a decision based solely on the information in your mind, it will not always be correct or lead to a successful outcome.

Once you learn to discern the difference between your thoughts, instincts instinct is an automatic thought and usually biologically triggered. Like when a ball comes to you and without thinking you take it away, and if something happens to you and you automatically act to prevent it. driving without thinking is an instinct thought. Something robotic when it has already been mastered and part of cyclical patterns that lead to an action. Intuition is the voice of your Soul and spiritual guide. It would be an inspiring, gentle and often ignored voice. It is a voice that respects where you are and will give you room to use your free will to say according to your will.

This intuition is a super power and a natural channel from which wise words come to you, knowledge that you do not know from where it comes but they are correct at the present moment. The voice of intuition will be inspiring, innovative, respectful, patient, clear, and with a knowledge that brings a change between problem and circumstance where you will be able to distinguish the correct course of action.

At any given moment, you may be having a conversation with your mind. You may also be listening to your instincts or paying attention to your intuition. You have to listen...

Both the mind and instinct and intuition have valid points of view, but it is important to distinguish between them. The voice of the mind is what you think, for example: "I should do XYZ". The voice of instinct is what your gut tells you. In both cases it is important to ask why these voices speak. Are they trying to warn you of something because it might hurt you? Or are they trying to push you towards something that will benefit you?

A calm mind is the result of discipline and practice. The voice of the mind is what most people hear, but it is usually noise. The voice of instinct will acknowledge, "This feels good." When you really pay attention to it, you'll know. In my case, my intuition tells me: 'This is good.' And I know it's good, because I trust my intuition.

When I turn inward, I ask myself three questions: Is this information clear, or do I need to examine it more closely? Could he be telling me something important? And am I being true to my own inner guidance?

Remember that you are your best oracle

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