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Hybrid guide Orion Arcturus

My Drawing of the Light

Orion Soulmate ~ Galactic Guide

The Alchemy from Ashes to Gold

Greetings and blessings from my heart to yours,

My Beloved, I AM Mateo as a "Gift of God" and here as an act of love and contact bridge with your galactic essence that will deepen your experience in your now.

Feel the nurturing and exciting connection from the Orion collective through my loving heart and do not forget your light in our presence. That is the gift we have for you.

We will speak in one voice, my dear and we want to explain that an alchemist is the one who sees gold in everything and can bring sparkles of light from the ashes

Ashes can represent an ending cycle that invites a new light in you to come and ignite your Radiant galactic Soul and is not about how much you do or know more than how deeply you love and that is your Alchemy

We are Alchemist, magician, druids, shamans in our time, darkness hide that light and turn our sky into ashes

Alchemy comes to turn it all into gold when you are feeling, seeing and sensing are the lower energies beginning to shift into the light of the heart

You have to face what's been in the shadow before it can be transformed into gold as you become your own alchemist

Being present and loving is your best tool as you observe the old paradigm is literally burning ashes and crumbling away before our eyes…as clam and peace wrap you.

The old paradigm is literally burning and crumbling away before our eyes…

The collective shadow rising to the surface for all to see.

It's not that the massive need for change and reform is growing larger…

But it is being revealed.

With Love Mateo

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