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Hybrid Human from New Earth Galactic Art

Hybrid Human - Galactic Art

In the lives of the future, you participate in the Hybridization Program between the Galactics and the Humans, in an effort to help the Grey and the Humans ascend in a more accelerated way. So it can be said that you are a Midwife. You link Hybrids with those who are very connected at the Soul Level with babies that represent the union between different Galactic Races and the Human Race that is more Cosmic.

In other lives, you have connections with the Zetas, the New Earth, Essassani, Pleiades,Orion, Sirius, and Lyra. You specifically explored the Galaxy to prepare yourself for your ascension, and to understand those that are of Pure and High Love.

This aspect is a hybrid from Pleiades, human AND grey. And works as midwife where hybrid babies are born through light cord where the souls fragmented itself in divine union creating a trinity into the light of god. It looks more like a long meditation through the spark of love where the love creates a spark. The spark evolves in an orb and after a while the orb develops a humanoid shape inside of an egg shape and after some time in deep meditation.

those baby hybrids look very alike to us but slightly different and they at an early age develop their connection with higher self who is like a guardian in holographic form that guides every step.

You are a spiritual guide that helps those hybrids to integrate the higher self as a complementary tool while they discover and anchor their galactic blueprint.

other aspects of your Soul are the Angel Ambriel, who represents the Energy of God. His main element is the Spirit of the Air. The Lady Fairy Melior is the one who is in charge of the Balance of the Masculine and the Feminine, Love and Hate, the Soul and the Body, and creating new senses and functions for life.

The Goddess of Iris in your Soul represents the Communication of God. She herself personalizes the role of being a Messenger, to communicate with all the Deities in your Soul ~ Ganesha (Hindu), Zeus, Merlin, and the Lemurian land appear as your Essence. The Essence of the Galaxy is mixed between Orion and Pleiades, where you had incarnations for many lives between the two polarities, finding the Fluids of your Soul. Your Soul is Feminine by Essence, although you have been a man and androgynous. You have the tendency toward the Feminine Energy of God. You are a Sound of god, who expresses the Light of God through sound and words. It is something that you learned in the Andromeda Galaxy by being a Being of the Magenta Ray ~ where in Temples of Light and Crystal prayer circles were created in honor of the Magenta Ray, using Creativity and Unconditional Love. I was shown a life as a Mantis Being, where you are a Collective Mediator, in parallel lands where Humans begin their ascent and begin to explore that New Stage in the Light.


Today and Always, I Stay In The Light!

You must be willing to Be In The Light ~ Present in Mind, Body and Spirit ~ before you can give rise to a Transition.

Stay In Your Light.

People cannot convince you to do it. You have to choose to Learn of Your Light, and to Hold Yourself in the Divine Light. You cannot be forced. You must do it naturally.

Let Your Light Shine.

Everything that you think, say and do, Do It From The Light ~ Shining Sacredness until it happens. It is just a rehearsal to Embrace God Within. Let It Shine Bright.

Allow The Light To Glow.

So Love Yourself right now.

Honor Yourself.

Keep Talking to Yourself.

Keep Thinking Ready Thoughts.

In the meantime, try to remember that you will not be ready until You Are Ready.

Be Ready To Shine Bright!

With Higher Love,

Your Guides

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