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Hybrid Kids – Galactic Art

Hybrid Kids – Galactic Art

Have you ever heard of the galactic hybridization program? Well, this drawing talks about a story related to this program. We have all seen science fiction movies where the future comes back to fix the past and so on but in the movies they don't always have a happy ending. However, in the end things go well in the spectrum of the evolution of the soul making these drawings and in these readings of Akashic records. 

So, I have learned that the truth is the one that the mind understands that either presents the illusion of separation or the one that speaks with the heart noticing the similarity of the universe in everyone and everything. 

This drawing speaks of a land similar to ours where the people found that technology made their lives easier and they fed on knowledge and scientific advances to the level that became their only goal. The price that was paid was very high, and it was that those beings from another land became hermits and opened themselves only to the love that came from artificial intelligence because it was programmable and kept them away from the risk of making mistakes. Their artificial intelligence programs became their best friends and confidants. Others even created holographic worlds where they could have the avatar of their choice without needing to love their form and only related through their holographic avatar in separation from the world.

The diseases disappeared and their bodies became intelligent to the level of having automatic increases in efficiency and longevity almost to the level of immortality. Everyday pleasures and vanities disappeared over time as only what was likely to be efficient and safe was aligned with a pattern of behavior that was associated with knowledge, logic, practicality and common sense. Peace reigned, legal battles disappeared. 

But after centuries of peace, silence, calm, and order through control directed by intelligence and knowledge, emptiness began to grow in an old and very long-standing society, we could say of more than 700 of our years. Imagine a world like this, where personal fulfillment seemed pushed to the maximum to the point of being intelligent super humans with zero emotional intelligence because the mind invalidated emotions by thinking that they were a risk that should be ignored and taken out of the equation of life. The emotion would make someone marry a month after meeting, and invest their money in risky businesses to represent the dream or complicated relationships, make uncertain business and so on to the point that sanity reigned, dominated and annulled any feeling that could lead them to act like this. 

The world became "perfect", automatic, predictable and monotonous, every day the same and robotically destined to a comfort zone where the custom eventually became a very cold lonely hell that ended in a dead-end street leaving the question of what comes next? how to survive going forward? Their almost immortal bodies nullified any chemical possibility of procreation, so they tried to implant their memories in an electronic container to transcend their bodies.

This form of transition gave life to an artificial intelligence that just as the son wants to have adventures different from the father, the new intelligent robots developed the ability to create their own science and these robotic doubles became independent and looked for other planets to be able to reinvent themselves and discover what they are and more importantly what they wanted to become. 

So a divine intervention happened, the mutual intelligence in contact with the intelligence of God and the angelic communities of the highest universal spheres contacted the galactic nations and exposed the problem. Some of these terrestrials became dark and in their desperation to transcend they began to abduct other humans from their family with similar genetics in order to experience how to transcend their consciousness which represented an imbalance in the lines of time. What was foreseen could cause an intergalactic war. 

In addition, these gray beings were violating the agreements where the earth was a free zone of any type of galactic agenda until their awakening and these beings conspired with other pirate-like planetary races to intervene in the government trying to change destiny to co-control certain lines of time that perhaps they would be given a different future but the only thing that happened was that each change in time gave expression to another different earth and more divisions of themselves occurred. This situation merited a divine intervention. 

That is where the galactic program of inclusion of all races took place, giving themselves a noble way to move forward, with each one helping another to transcend to a place of compassion, love, patience and honoring the God in each one.

 5 races were born with the mixture of humans who donated their DNA which was mixed with another 2 or 3 galactic races in order that they all learn to be one with the whole, living in 5 new planets with a habitat similar to the earth and advised by beings elevated in consciousness in a council that was called the Golden Race who flowed with good intentions and were supervised by Christ consciousness for the highest outcome for all.

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