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Hybrid Yahyel ~ Galactic Art

New Earth Spiritual Guide Drawing - Making Contact !! Hybrid Yahyel ~ Galactic Art

This Guide comes from a future parallel Earth that is preparing to make contact with humans when we are prepared for an open contact with the galactics.

Yahyel may be the first Galactic hybrid (human - extraterrestrial) civilization to openly meet us on Earth in person, in harmony to assist Humanity when it is ready to develop mutually harmonious relationships.

This Guide asked to be called Glow and although they do not use a name but are recognized by their frequency that name will help you to identify the frequency of the Fifth Dimension where your group is in the process of ascending. They vibrate in the high 4th Dimension where they are partially physical and partially Beings of Light to transition to being only Light.

In their dimension they already located in their ships, which are like a city of Light where they explore, observe and develop their learning. For this group, their challenge is to evaluate when it is time to make contact and align with the timelines with the human beings aligned with the Galactic Star Seeds, where the first contact will be individual,... first through channeling, during meditation and the astral realm, eventually in the physical partially and at last for more permanent periods of time.

There is a time when Humans travel through portals that are formed in the ocean for certain planetary alignments to make contact with alien races.

It depends on the timeline in which we decide to be, it will be sooner or later, or the day of contact is decided.

In other timelines the contact is through Earth and the its elements, where Humanity is inclined to a more organic life and that is where the contact occurs.

I was shown other timelines where the day of the contact was when Humanity began to travel thru the Solar System.

Between those options is a world of different ways in which it is decided to make contact again and reveal that somehow we have always been in comunication.

In ancient times the Star Beings and Humans of the future appeared as Gods and where there was already a contact and progress, the information was shared to help Humanity evolve with all kinds of agendas, from the darkest to the most heavenly.

Since that contact it lent itself to manipulation, it was decided to encapsulated Earth and let Humanity decide its own destiny and exercise its free will, it was where many old and stellar Souls decided to come and born on Earth to balance the Energy and help Gaia in her ascension and at the same time those Souls would accelerate her evolution through the short lives, being able to come again and again in all kinds of contrasts, exploiting her Soul in a variety that no other planet was offering at this time and energetic dimension.

The contact is made through Love because the Fifth Fimension is a constant emanation of it.

The Fifth Dimension is Union, Harmony in a vortex of Unconditional Love where Humanity and the kingdoms of Gaia come together in a stable and constant frequency vibrating in LOVE.

The Fifth Dimension is a frequency in which we can tune ourselves through the intention and if we are willing we will recalibrate to it. It will take us some practice and at some point the High Frequency will stabilize where we enter the harmonic resonance of the ascension.

It is described to me as Peace and Love mixed together and they explain ed me that this is where our true power is, when we are in alignment and re-calibrated with the Frequency of Love.

Although the communication was more telepathic through the circles of the uz of his forehead Light Language flowed and this image will help you to reconnect with Glow who will help you to raise your Frequency through LOVE.

Light Blessings, Guides 🤍

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