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Intimacy is a sacred Meditation an a way to connect within your our soul and being comfortable

When you are so confident in your skin regardless of the stereotype of beauty that is sensual. The seed of Divine within wake up in blissful holy light flowing like and elixir of heaven.

In a feminine body it feels as God itself flows through you as waves of joy, happiness and pleasure and when is allowed, accepted and acknowledge it feels so safe to let it be.

True Intimacy is all about feeling safe inside, feeling sacred and it’s all about learning how your space feels. To let your Soul to be seen at all levels and sit up under each other and be totally vulnerable, open and letting the connection to flow.

Nothing should be force in order to be pleased,  true connection is so pleasant and flow with grace.

When the temple of my Soul is sacred I can exchange it with my beloved partner in a safe place to love, heal and explore ourselves together.

I allow, accept that my beloved can see my naked Soul the shadow and the light and we meet in the middle finding an Alchemy through being open and intimate Soul, Mind, Heart and the body.

It's about touching your core without touching just slightly pouring light.  It's about showing your best self to hold that space in moments when your beloved is seeking harmony being respectful to the vulnerability your beloved allow you to see and that no one else can see that is shared between us beyond the moment of connection.

True Intimacy is being sincere, open transparent to be seen allowing the authenticity to irradiated through every part of you flow in spirit in endless serenity and Love,

It’s about paying attention to what can only br express through feeling.  It's about being absolutely and listening what the body express, what is desire and it’s eager to explore and wonder…

The best way I can describe it is a religious experience when love itself flows expressing the greater love.

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The light code can be called "Heart Connection", which means your divine spirit is inviting you to bring guidance into your love life as well. This means that every decision you make, when it comes to any area of your life but you made it from your heart love connection, it is going to be supported. Equally, help you to balance your chi by harmonizing your yin and yang and activating the true qualities of the soul. Balance love with courage, grace with determination, and compassion...

Mary Magdalene’s symbol is the Divine Feminine so having sweetnesses , using light soothing tenderness will draw her close to you.

You can also meditate holding her image in your heart  or sit and receive attunements in the light language of Mary Magdalene Ascension Spheres.

These light Codes you to her loving energy and allow a clearer direct communication from her energy for you.

I invite you today to soften the journey and reconnect with the gentle peace of love within

All my love Grethel

Healing Downloads with Mary Magdalene

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