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Intuitive forecast of the energy calendars for July

Intuitive forecast of the energy calendars for July

The anchor dates are 7/3 with a full moon in Capricorn inviting us to make decisions with confidence, proactive energy that pushes and leans more towards action than emotion. Let's say that there is some kind of imbalance, vertigo or acceleration. The solution will be to seek practicality, create stability through your logic and common sense instead of reacting from the start, instinct or overflowing emotion.

The 7/7 Portal Which is a Vortex Where the higher aspects come down to recalibrate the path. The month 7, the day 7 on the 7 day with a 7 moon very close.

Powerful! Definately, It guides us, heals and is ideal for manifestation. It is convenient to look for some meditation, to open up to receive these activations. Look for free events or a course that is on an instrument where you align with the cosmos.

At the end of I leave you the upcoming events here at Encoded Frequency

*Twin flame Re-Organization: In the twin flame sessions and drawings I am shown unexpected changes in that aspect. There are Loves that emerge out of the comfort zone with the desire to create meaning in life in alignment with Love.

A Passionate living it is a great fuel to have the strong drive that will help you achieve your dreams.

So let that fire Reactivate your soul and love guide you.

* The Currency Transformation: the Individualism for material goods and professional objectives are strongly felt and globally are under the spot light of transformation. It begins within…

However, it comes more as an energetic currency that is associated with the need for expansion.

The invitation is to transform that economy through each exchange to raise what is given and received to a level of reciprocity. Here the challenge is to leave behind what is believed to be done and open up to sow those abundant seeds where you have prosperity in every area of your life.

What am I planting today? To expand my ability to create life in divine alignment.

New Moon 17/7 in Cancer how do I feel? This Moon vibration desires to feel good and find ease as we all ascend.

* Be in Alignment In your own Vortex: Reorganize your Home.

How have you been feeling lately? Full or empty? Here the universe invites us to be sovereign of your space, the king/queen of your kingdom through your alignment. the warning is to leave behind the demands to achieve the goals, and there is a type of need to accelerate the realization of desires.

Everything comes in divine order and it is already yours.

Take care of yourself! Love you! Bringing balance to over-demanding, and instead learning to use the toolbox of love: Sleep to heal, eat mindfully, rest and recharge, water as a source of life, physical activity to re-energize the body, be an anchor of peace, love is the most powerful force so link yourself through love.

finally seek relaxation, happiness, etc. To take care of your energy and maintain balance.

Note: In Encoded Frequency we will have 2 events.

Thursday 6th 8:00 to 8:45 AM Pst, 11:00 Am EST Livestream Channeling an Atlantean Light Language guided portal 7/7 - "Rekindle your Wealth Consciousness | Shift your energetic Resonance. Live on Youtube.

7/7 Atlantean Workshop - Channeling Atlantis: Star seeds Receive Ascension Codes.

The Course will be by zoom. Starting on 7/7 and for 3 days we will be anchoring 7 frequencies, 7 Atlantean codes.

The purpose is to invoke the release of any karma related to low frequency agendas that may be rewriting itself, nullifying that possibility.

The mission is to Re-structure, Update your light body and your spiritual gifts by downloading the wisdom of your Atlantean Being and accessing your akashic records to know more about your Atlantean Being.

Save your place on our website. The group will be small.

May your July be blessed, with love Grethel

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