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July 24th, Energy Forecast, Astrology of the day

July 24 what happens in heaven? The sun is still in Pluto, so situations may come to light. It is definitely a time of transmutation, renewal on the way to the portal of the lion.

Mars continues in opposition to Saturn so the blockade calls for action, inspired action. to release the decision that you cannot have what you want. So it is a call to transmute those blocks and the key to this week is for Mercury to enter Virgo.

The Moon in Libra is making opposition in Aries and Jupiter makes that trigon with Mars. That which means good brings us faith and a purpose that is lasting over time. It is time to expose your ideas and fly with wings so that they become reality.

Where the weight sits, there is a call to bring the light and multiply it. Wherever there is fear of feeling good, transmute it and identify that your wisdom guides you to be the inspired action that transforms your life and gives wings to your dreams.

I leave you a guided meditation and code for today that I hope will help you connect with the light.

I hope it is valuable and I enclose a meditation and this code to activate your starseed lineage for your highest good and so be it.

Galactic Blueprint Activation | Guided Meditation | Encoded Frequency

Shed a light!


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